Author: Diane Kemp

May 14, 2017

Ray’s chat 22

RAY’S CHAT Hi Folks RAYS CHAT TWENTY TWO So we have got to RAYS CHAT TWENTY TWO WELL: I am going to do something VERY different for this Rays Chat. OH YES.. In actual fact when you read this I will be in the Bulb […]

April 19, 2017

Ray’s chat 21

Hi Folks RAYS CHAT TWENTY ONE Hi Folks Last year LEONARD COHEN Died; He was one of THE GREATS of the Folk World. Although some of his songs got sung in the Pop World. I thought we would have some of his Music in his […]

March 23, 2017

Ray’s chat 20

Shirley FOLK at the RED LION RAY’S CHAT Hi Folks It’s RAYS CHAT TWENTY. Hi There Folks: What a GREAT night we had last night: it was one of those nights that really BUZZED!! Great Floor singers, and the Gem of the evening was SCARECROW. […]

March 5, 2017

Ray’s chat 19 – Simeon special!

RAY’S CHAT Hi Folks It’s RAYS CHAT NINETEEN. Yes we have got to Chat Nineteen; and Still Rain: Oh well we should be moving towards better weather. If you were lucky enough to be at The Folk Club on March 3rd; You will have had […]

February 19, 2017

Ray’s chat 18

Shirley Folk at the Red Lion RAY’S CHAT Hi Folks It’s RAYS CHAT Eighteen. Thank Goodness we are getting well towards March: and hopefully some Spring weather. It would be so nice to see the SUN. Thank Goodness we have Friday Folk Night to cheer […]

January 28, 2017

Ray’s chat 17

Hi Folks It’s RAYS CHAT Seventeen. Hi: Well don’t know about you; But I am fed-up with all this rain, rain; and dismal stuff: reckon I’m growing Web feet. But it has made me think let’s do some Watery, Winterry Songs. And of course the […]