November 19, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 53

Hi Folks

It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Three


Here We are: Well into November, Dark Nights and Cold days;

and Christmas is fast creeping-up on Us. Busy Month:


And WHAT A NIGHT WE HAD ON 16thNovember WOW!!

FANTASTIC!!. Guests were ”THE LOST NOTES”. And they were just Wonderful. Joyous Wonderful Evening!!

Fabulous  NIGHT!! We did not end till almost Midnight!!  

And So Sorry we had to turn some Folks away. FULL HOUSE.


And: Thank Goodness that the SUN was Shining on November 11th: With all those Remembrance Day Parades:  

100 Years since the Great War ended.  

And certainly, for US Older people, November 11, was THE most important Day.  Remembrance Sunday.  

An incredible number of People attended Remembrance Parades all over the Country:  And ; Ex Service People and All The various Associations paraded.  Lots; waiting many Hours to make their mark. The whole of the 2018 Cenotaph Service is on You Tube.

Put in:

You Tube 2018 Cenotaph Memorial service

So How Do You Follow THAT?.


If you look out your window : You can still see the last Golden leaves on the trees, ready to fall.  Perhaps Falling Leaves are something We all Associate with November?  

And, There is one song that  is SO Autumn: Put In:

Nat King Cole – Autumn Leaves  2.38

Ok; It is NOT Folk..  But it is a Great Autumn Song AND it Is something Old.. Now time for Something New.  I have found this: Well it’s A New one for me: Put in;

Nicholas and the Iceni Caroline’s Song 4.47

How Did You Like THAT??   I liked it.  Different.                  


And Now: I have a Lady that is New to me. Although She has been around for quite a while; and has many recordings.

In fact She Died in 1986, Only Age 42

The Wind Blows Wild – Kate Wolf 5.47

YES: I liked Her; and will most likely hear More of Her in Future Rays Chats.  

So: In My search for NEW.  We So far: have had, Two New Singers.  Now: Lets have an Oldie!! And This is a Good One.

Put in:

Nanci Griffiths – Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness 4.49

I Like Nanci Singing this.    Good Song:  How Did you like it?.


And Another New Lady. Well New to me.Another Kate. Put in;

Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.0

I liked that.. Nice voice.. Gentle Song.  

What Did YOU Think?


And Whilst We are on Newbies.. This is an Irish Singer I did not know before:   So: New to Me:  Put in:

Galwaybay Tommy Fleming 3.42


And Whilst on Irish Songs.. Lets have a real RIP Roaring Song:  Put in:   The Irish Rover – The Pogues & The Dubliners 3.01

Well!! That’s woke you Up!!


I think We better have something Quieter after that.  

And I have found something NEW:  Put in:

Country Song by Jake Bugg Burberry Acoustic 2.25

Oh that’s Countryside. You can almost Smell the Cow Muck!!.


Let’s have another gentle song..

And, Unusual: A Folk Singer singing Country!!  YES: Put in

Joan Baez singing Gentle on my Mind. wmv. 3.17

No: Not heard Her sing that before.


And another Gentle song: Put in:

Donovan – Crystal Gayle – Catch The Wind 2.56   I liked that.  But then I  have always liked Donovan since I first saw him when He was 19.


Now I have found this new Song for Me: From one of My favourite singers.. I had not heard this before:  YES New to me. Put in:

Eva Cassidy – You Take My Breath Away. 4.28

Always a lovely Singer.


Remember in RAYS CHAT 52. I introduced you to

JOHN STEWART; Singing that Great Song CHILLY WINDS.  

John was one of the real BIG names in those early days; and He wrote Many songs that others made famous..

I know you are FAR Too Young to Remember THE MONKEES, and their BIG HIT??  Which;was “Daydream Believer”..

WELL Guess who Wrote THAT??   Yes JOHN STEWART.


And: Here He is singing a Song He wrote for the Kennedys in their President campaign..  I told you He was a BIG NAME. Put in:

Last Hurrah (by John Stewart) 2.27

So We have had SOMETHING Old. And Something New.


and here is a another real Oldie. One of My favourite Groups from the Old days: This is the FUREYS with a real early Song: Put in:

The  Fureys & Davey Archer – The First Leaves of Autumn 3.20.


And so; once again We have meandered our way through yet another RAYS CHAT:

I’ve led you through Real Oldies to Newer Songs,

Now: As our Farewell For this time:  

Put in:

The Brothers Four – Try To Remember 2.55

Yes it is about September.. But it still fits November For Me.


So: We come to the end of Another Rays Chat.  

November: A Month with Many Memories, for

So Many People.

Next time it is December.

I wonder Where that will take Us

Nice Chatting To You.