Author: Diane Kemp

January 15, 2017

Ray’s chat 16

Hi Folks So it’s RAYS CHAT Sixteen. So here we are in 2017: and I am sure it is going to be an interesting time in this World of ours. But one thing we can be SURE of; YES the RED LION FOLK CLUB is […]

December 19, 2016

Ray’s chat number 15

Hi Folks It’s RAYS CHAT FIFTEEN. I hope you had a Great Christmas; and now are looking forward to a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Yes 2017 is going to be BIG in our lives; What with Brexit: and I wonder How Donald Trump will change our […]

November 20, 2016

Ray’s chat 14

It’s RAYS CHAT FOURTEEN. Yes we are fast coming to the end of 2016, And there won’t be any more Chats until 2017 Well I hope you have been enjoying exploring the Folk Music World with me. And WOW!! it is a real trip down […]

October 30, 2016

RAY’S CHAT number 13

Hi Folks .. Here we are with RAYS CHAT NUMBER Thirteen. Yes Thirteen, unlucky for some!! BUT not for us. We are the LUCKY ones!! We have a GREAT Folk Club And this time we are going to have some of the BEST of Folk […]

October 9, 2016

Ray’s chat number 12

RAY’S CHAT Hi Folks .. Here we are with RAYS CHAT NUMBER TWELVE. Autumn now well and truly with us: I was tempted to say Winter Draws on!! But you’ve all heard it before. So let’s just get on with SONGS OF THE SEA. And […]

September 29, 2016

Ray’s chat 11

Hi Folks .. So Here we WITH have RAYS CHAT NUMBER ELEVEN. We have so far looked at mostly English, Irish and American Folk Songs: But each Country has their own singing traditions. So I thought we would have a look around. And one song […]