January 20, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 56

Hi Folks,

What a SHOCK!! start for the New Year.
The Shirley Red Lion Folk Club LOST IT’s HOME.
The Red Lion Pub Closed. NO WARNING.
The Committee SEARCHED and, found us a temporary venue.
Whilst they looked for a new Home for the Folk Club.
Details will be Published

SO: We will still have Great Nights. Singing Along with maybe Something Old and Something New: and some Great Guests.

AND, after the SHOCK of being Homeless: I have found a song that made me Laugh..I hope you will too? The Older amongst Us will certainly Understand What Tom Rush is singing about. Put In:
Tom Rush – Remember Song 3.14
Well it made ME Laugh. I definitely know How He Feels.
That was a good find. I had never Heard That Before.
I hope it gave YOU a Laugh!!

And YES: We will all be Remembering, as we move into Whatever 2019 is going to Be.
Yes: So right here. Is a Song that fits in well. It was recorded in 2003. Billboard said I was the Best Country Song ever. Put in:
ALAN JACKSON – Remember When 4.22
Oh!! That is So Good.

OK: Time for Something New. Something VERY DIFFERENT
I found this! Put in,
TOMATO/TOMATO – “Toss It All Away” Cool new folk music live 3.19
This reminded me of SKIFFLE With the Washboard.
Well it’s Different.
And I have found a Blue Grass sort of song, That has a nice Swing to it. It is an early recording by JIM AND JESSE. Put in:
Remember Me (When The Candlelights Are Gleaming) 3.14
Make sure you get the 3.14 one with the Two Old Guys singing; That’s the one I liked. Nice Gentle Song.

So: Here We are, Wandering down Memory Lane. Lots to choose from!! So Many Greats. BUT: There is one song I want You to hear; Sung by two very Famous Singers;
Who, in their later years, got together to sing this lovely Old Song.
They dropped it down a key and sung it slower.
BUT: OH YES. Just listen to this: Put in.
Harry Belafonte & Nana Mouskouri: Try to Remember 4.4
Well: That is a lovely version: You will never hear it sung better than that. Oh Yes those oldies.. Memories Memories
And I guess that leads me? To more Memories!!
there is a song Memories are Made of This.
Lots sang it: AND, a Big Name in the 60’s / 70’s. was The Everley Brothers. OK They were not really Folk. But they did some good recordings and had a lot of Radio time.
And this is one they did as a cover of the Dean Martin Song.
Put in. The Everley Brothers – Memories are made of this 2.27
SO: Lets get Back to FOLK.
And Here is a real Irish Folk Group that I am sure you will have heard of; singing a good OLD Folk Song: Put in.
The Dubliners – Whiskey In the Jar (best version) 3.01
Oh Those Dubliners!! They never fail to get you going!!
And now You want Some more?? Ok Put in.
The Dubliners – In The Rare Old Times 5.24
Yes they are VERY hard to follow.
With their Rip Roaring Singing style of singing.

Perhaps you would like something more Gentle? And this is a real Gentle Singer, I have not featured before..
See what you think? Try This: Put in.
Galwaybay – Tommy Fleming 3.42
I Like Tommy: Not Great; But a nice gentle style.
BUT: there is One Irish Singer HAS ALWAYS been one of my Most favourite Singers. Finbar Fury: Part of The Furey Brothers They were always one of my most favourite Groups.. And, Finbar Fury has Always been just Magic for me:
And perhaps this song, that He made His right from the Early Days Is his Very Best. It is” When You Were Sweet Sixteen”.
No one sings it better¨ Put In:
When You Were Sweet Sixteen[Audio Stream] 5.20
I just think that is Magic.

And here, is a lovely Gentle Song that is New to me.
Sung by Kate Wolf; It is somewhat longer than the usual Folk Song at 8 minutes 15 seconds
But listen: It has some real good mandolin playing.
Kate has a lovely gentle style. I like Her. Put in:
“Pachero” by Kate Wolf 8.15

Well; We have had a New Songs, We have had Oldies.
And some new and some Old.
I hope that you have enjoyed listening to the various songs
I have selected for you.

And to end This First Chat of 2019;
I have found you a lovely Gentle Terry Oldfield piece of Music.
OK; Not exactly Folk. But maybe you have not heard Terry Oldfield before. He has a whole wonderful World of Music he has written.. I hope you will find Peace listening to his Music,
This is a Gentle piece of music to end this time.
Put in:
Terry Oldfield – Going Home 5.23
And so: WE go forward into 2019.
I hope; you continue to have Great evenings With The Shirley Folk Club. (Wherever We End as Our New Home)
I Look forward to being with you Next time.
Nice Chatting To You.