December 23, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 55 – Happy Christmas

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Five

Hi: Here We are in December and Christmas is fast creeping-up on Us. With all that shopping to be done: Prezzies for the Kids; and What do We get for Grannie? And Dads got to do the Tree!!
And Do those lights still work!!? Worry Worry!!

Well: RELAX with Ray; Put your feet-up. And listen with me to some Great Music. Yes: with maybe a glass of something!!
And let us Chat about some gentle Music!.
Well; How’s this to set the mood. Put in:
Mix – Alan Jackson – “Siver Bells”. 3.33

And Now; Here is another gentle Song I have found for you.
A new song: Which has a real great video with it:
Put In:
(New Christmas Songs) My Favourite Time of The Year – The Florin Street Band 4.29
And so on with my search for something New.
AND Oh LADIES This has a GREAT VIDEO. Make sure you watch the video it really is Good. Yes GREAT you are going to Love this next Video.. Yes you GOT to watch this:
Put in:
The Best Christmas Song I’ve Ever Heard It Will Give You Chills 4.08

How do you follow that?!! Well How’s this for something
Different.. VERY DIFFERENT!! Oh Yes; Put In:
Animals of You Tube sing “Deck the Halls” 2.46
Well I told you it was different!!!
Did you have a Laugh!!?

Ok: So Let’s have something now that brings the warmth of Summer: TRY THIS for a Tropical Christmas: Put in.
Relaxing Caribbean Steel Pan Christmas
Music-Tropical Beach Christmas 45.4
Yes: It does go on for 45 minutes.. So you will have to decide When you’ve Had Enough.

And Here is a Song I have dug-Up from the past… It was VERY popular in it’s day: But I doubt you have ever heard it: Put in:
Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer – Baby It’s Cold outside 3.09
Oh I know it is Nothing to do with Christmas And it is not Folk..
BUT l: I think it’s a Fun song. And We all need a bit of relax time.

Ok: You want a Folk Song ; Well: Here is a FOLK Singer, singing a very Old Song, real Oldie.. Good singer!!: Put in:
Annie Lennox – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 3.44
Well that is a nice Old Song for you. (it will go with that glass of Sherry).
And: In my searching: I have found a song I had never heard before that I rather liked. So see how you like it? Put in:

Alabamma “Tennessee Christmas” 3.52
It’s Different!! Did you like it?

Something Else New to me; that I thought you might like: Put in.
Casting Clowns – I Heard The Bells on
Christmas Day Live 4.43

And: So far We have Not had even one Christmas Carol.
SO, OK; Let me introduce you to a Yorkshire Lady Who will tell Us about Yorkshire Christmas Songs: And How locally, they changed the Words!! Interesting: Put in
Kate Rusby – LIVE AT CHRISTMAS 3.44
If you have not heard Kate before. Well: She is a true Yorkshire Lass Who has been singing for most of her Life. If you would like to hear her talking about Folk?
Put In;
KATE RUSBY “Underneath the Stars” – The Andrew Marr Show BBC 4.33
Yes it worth listening to.

THEN!! For My Final offering, for This Christmas RAY CHAT.
I found this Next Video; Which I think is GREAT.
A Wonderful Way to have COMMUNITY SINGING.
Put in:
People singing Christmas songs at the mall and everybody sings along 5.37
I Loved it. I thought the work to organise THAT was Fantastic

So: The End of Another YEAR
2019 will be the next RAYS CHATS.
I hope That you have enjoyed
searching the World of Music with Me.
And I look Forward to Next Year.
Thanks for being With me?