October 21, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 51

Hi Folks

Well; Hullo Again.
And that makes me think of the song of that name by Neil Diamond.. Yes: Put in
Neil Diamond Hullo Again 4.09
Well maybe not Folk. But a Great Singer and a Great Song to start this Chat: And So brilliantly sung:
I have been a fan of Neil ever since His first ever song in 1958..
it was called A MILLION MILES AWAY it’s there on You Tube if you want to hear it.

And: Something NEW for me: I have found you a lovely simply sung song: AND I AM CAPTIVATED: Put in:
Dana Winner – One Moment In Time (Live) [Liefde Voor Muziek] VTM 5.19
I HAVE Never heard of her. BUT!! WOW!! That is just one Magic performance. Over 15 million people had viewed that when I found it.. Must play t again.. it’s Magic.

Why on earth Have I not heard of this Lady?? She is just
there are more SONGS of hers out there.
OH I MUST Hear more of her.
Put in: Dana Winner My Friend The Wind 4.50
WOW!! This is Top Magic.
Wonderful stuff shades of Nana Mouskouri at Her Best..
OK.. Maybe more Show Biz than Folk. But: So SO good.

She reminds me of Nana Mouskouri:
YES Lets Have some Nana:
Put in: Nana Mouskouri – Dance Le Sirtaki 3.32
Oh Wonderful gorgeous Music.
Nana started her career at 19 singing Songs of Her Country. (Unfortunately NOT available.)
But here is some of her singing Greek Music; Put in:
Beautiful Greece with Song of Nana Mouskouri 7.41
Lovely video of Greek Scenery.
Now you know Why I love the Greek islands.

And if you liked that and would like to see More. with Superb Greek Dancing: Put in;
Nana Mouskouri (Feat – Costas Dourountzis) Greek Medley on German TV (1983) 6.42
WOW!! Those Greek Dancers are just Fantastic. Superb Show.

Now I have the impossible job of following that!!!!!
And maybe; we’d better get back to some real Folk.
Well Guess it has to be a Good Old Irish Folk Song!!
Put In: Rare Oul’ Times – Paddy Reilly 4.41

Oh Yes: That Magic of the Irish
Well now we are on Irish Put in;
The Galway Shawl – Johnny McEnvoy 2.51
Wonderful Old Song
These Old Irish songs do sort of Get you!!
Put in: De Dannan & Friends – Hard Times 4.52
Then I found a Gentle (Irish) song I had not heard before that you might like.
Put in; I Love You More and More Every Day Foster & Allen 3.05

Now: Remember in Chat 49; I gave you SHENANDOAH:
Which was a really Great presentation of the old song.
sung by a guy; I think maybe you might not heard of:
Asher Quinn.
Yes: I first found him Oh many years ago: On NEW WORLD MUSIC. The first Cd I bought of his was
Although he was quite well known before that date.
I liked his gentle style:
Since then he Has produced 26 Albums: and more on the way.
He is a very Gentle performer. And, I find the stresses of the day
GO; if I listen to Asha. And it is a very difficult to choose, from a great library of Ashas’s Music; ?? just which track to choose??.
Try this : Put in: Asher – Kyrie 5.26

He not only writes and performs His own songs: But He is a Also a great Folk Song Singer;
and: When he sings Folk Songs; He adds something different: Listen to him sing FIELDS OF GOLD.
The EVA CASSIDY version is hard to beat.
But just listen to this: Put in: Asha
Fields of Gold 3.47
So gentle: NOW Which do you prefer??.

And listen to his lovely gentle style with a bunch of kids…
Just watch the Video for this.. Oh those kids faces!!
Put in: Asha – Michael row the boat ashore 6.30
Yes: Nice gentle version and the kids are just Great.
Oh Memories of my Youth!! Singing it round a Scout Campfire.

And: YES: Gentleness makes him a favourite of mine.
Just listen to how he performs this lovely English Song;
Put in: Asha – Scarborough Fair 5.53
So: now you understand Why I rate Asha!!

Well this REALLY has been a bit of mixture Something Old Something NEW
A real surprise NEW for Me. Dana Winner.
And She Sings ABBA songs superbly as well WOW MAGIC FIND!!
She has won me as a Fan.
I would like to hear her again.
So: as the farewell Song. Put in:
Dana Winner – One Way Wind – Traducao 3.48

Well there are some GREAT songs there for you to listen to.
Bit of Old and Some NEW
And now it’s the end of another Rays Chat.
It’ll be November Next time
It has been GREAT.
Chatting to you.