December 13, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 54

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Four

Well here we are Another Christmas is getting closer.
So Many things to do! Mom is having to make lists of things to buy. Don’t forget Uncle Arthur’s Whisky.
Maybe Dad is thinking about Decorating the Christmas Tree?
So Much to do!!
So let’s RELAX with some gentle music.. Yes Put your feet-up and listen to something relaxing!! YES: See how you like this?

SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR (1963) by Anne Briggs 2.28.
Great Song. Great Voice.
We do have a wonderful history of Songs from days long gone!!
The Minstrels travelled around singing of Things Happening
Sort of singing Newspapers. AND: Rich Lords had Minstrels for their entertainment.

And So We have HISTORY; And this, well known song; is said to have been an Elizabethan Song: Put in
Traditional English Folk Song “Greensleeves” 1.59
This was reputed to have been written by Henry 8th..
But: More likely He Pinched it from one of His Minstrels!

And Then there is Morris Dancing!!
No Wonder Continentals consider English as CRAZY!!
When they see Men: all dressed-up for MORRIS DANCING!: I Mean to say:
Grown men wearing weird costumes, and funny hats,
and bells round their knees!!
Doing Strange dance steps; and banging sticks together!!!!!
And that Crazy Horse Thing!! (what’s that about?).

If you want to see what I mean: Put in,
Morris Dance – Traditional English Folk Dancing & Music 2.20
YES: it is No wonder Europeans think we are CRAZY ENGLISH!!.

BUT!! Morris Dancing is Real ancient. shrouded in Mystery. Some say it’s to do with Magic!: It was certainly being danced in the 17th Century. Maybe long before that.
And Perhaps; it is not so different to the Germans with their Bavarian Dancing.. Lederhosen and Funny Hats!!??

NOW: Let Us Consider some of our Very ancient Songs:
This one come from 16th Century. A Scottish Song:
It became one of the most recorded songs of all time:
It was: Taken to America by Immigrants: Some even think it is an American Song.. BUT NO: Definitely Scottish. Put in:
Barbara Allen Blackmore’s Night performing Barbara Allen 5.25

We have a fantastic History of Songs: going way back in History. Like this one dating from 1785: Put in:
Ancient Folk Song “The Riddle” 2.37
Lovely Old English Song.

And: We must not forget the wonderful Heritage We have Of Welsh Songs. There is the famous Song THE ASH GROVE,
and if you search you will come-up with OH!! So Many choices.
From Great choirs; to a Choirboy just on his own.. Well there are just lots to choose from. I have chosen this: Put in.
The Ash Grove – Celtic Ladies. 3.47.

And; Here We are well into Rays Chat; and we have not even had one carol. Well Let Us put that right.
In my younger days; The Shirley Silver Band used to come down our road playing Christmas Music.
I always donated to their fund.. And the Band stood outside Our House and played
The First Noel; Which was always My request.
Well this is the nearest video I can find: Put in:
The First Noel (Paul Sharman) Mp4 2.49

And now a song that was not written as a Christmas Song:
But somehow seems to have become part of Christmas:
There are lots of different versions There for you to choose from
But: I have not given you THIS version previously.
SO: See How You Like this; Put in.
The Ten Tenors – Hallelujah 4.42

And: Now I have found something that I really like;
and I hope you will also THINK IT IS WELL WORTH VIEWING.
It came from an Audition for “The X Factor”. Put in.
CASTING CROWNS – I HEARD THE Bells on Christmas Day Live 4.43
Oh! You have just GOT WATCH the video
I really liked it.

I hope you have found something New;
Maybe Something you have not heard before?. Listen to something relaxing.
Don’t Get too stressed-out with the Christmas Rush.
I hope some of My Music choices will Help you relax.
For something Gentle and Relaxing: Try this: Put in:
Kate Wolf SWEET LOVE 3.48
WOW!! That is so good.

YES: Put your feet up and have a Hot Chocolate and maybe a little something in a small glass and maybe a Mince Pie.
YES That’s better!!
And Why not put on some real nice Christmas Music??
How about The Vienna Boys Choir?? Put in:
Mix – Vienna Boys Choir – Christmas Album. OK it is over an hour… But you can stop it when you wish.

Thanks for being with me.
Next time Christmas will be only a few days away