November 5, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 52

Hi Folks

Hi: The Club on 2nd November was just the GREATEST!!
Simeon gave us a truly Super Potted History of his life with his Guitar. Wow the work in that!! Thanks a million Simeon.

And: We had some Great Singers; Even some Skiffle!! LOVED IT: So: Here we are in November Cold days. All that HALLOWEEN stuff gone!! AND: It seems, not so long ago, that I was talking about Bon Fires: And Fireworks for the kids, and singing songs about Guy Fawkes. I Can’t believe A Whole YEAR has gone by!!’

SO: Let’s skip the Bonfire and Fireworks stuff; this time; and look for something different and New.
Just listen to David Garret playing violin in the Song NOVEMBER RAIN .. YES I know it’s a Guns & Roses Song.. So not FOLK.. But it is GREAT Music; So I think worth listening to: Put in;
DAVID GARRETT – NOVEMBER RAIN Berlin 08.6.2010 4.19 I Hope you like it.

NOW: Let’s get BACK TO FOLK. And one of the Great Oldies comes to mind is. CHILLY WINDS. A real Oldie.. It was sung by lots of different people: But to me, the GREATEST version is this one: JOHN STEWART – “CHILLY WINDS” 1973 RCS Single with Steel Guitar 3.23
This is one of my favourite recordings of all time.
John Stewart wrote the song and, I think, No ONE else sings it better than him. There are lots of versions out there if you want to surf You Tube. Indeed The Kingston Trio sang it. And John Stewart was part of the Kingston Trio when they recorded it . (Yes John was part of the Kingston Trio for a while).

And talking of Winds.
There is another Oldie Winds Song, I must have. Put in:
Ian and Sylvia – Four Strong Winds 1986 3.51
Ian and Sylvia were a Husband and wife Team that made some Great recordings.​ And they did this version Of Early Morning Rain.
Put in. Early Morning Rain – Ian & Sylvia 4.02​
Not bad. But I must admit I prefer The guy Who wrote it, singing it; Gordon Lightfoot.

And talking of Gordon Lightfoot. He wrote a song for a
Winter’s Night. And it seems a good place to hear it: Put in;
Gordon Lightfoot – Song for a Winters Night 3.02
I had not heard this before: Nice Song; Something NEW for me.
Gordon sings it well. BUT: I have found a lovely version by NANA MOUSKOURI. Put in
Song For A Winters Night – Nana Mouskouri 2.48
I had never heard Nana sing that before. Yes Good song
And there are lots of other versions out there if you want to trawl.

And now for the Something new. I have been researching INDIE FOLK.. it is all New to Me.. So I am learning. And I found this; which I quite like.
See What YOU think? Put in.
BRYTHR – Here We Are 3.30
Well: What do you think? Is INDIE for you?

And; Now, I have found a Folk Singer That is NEW to me. Although She has quite a number of recordings to her name,
A Lady with a nice Voice.
See What you think of Her? Put in:
I thought it was a good song. Yes Nice One.
And She has lots of other Songs Out there for you if you want to trawl You Tube: Try This:
Somewhere Along The Road– Emily Smith 3.17
Yes Nice Song. Yes: New to me.

BUT: I have a real Oldie I my mind and I think you will like it: This is History. One of the Greatest Singers of the past;
I’m talking about Jo Stafford.
She was an across the board Singer with a gorgeous voice.
Just listen to her singing this: Put In.
Jo Stafford – Autumn Leaves 2.26
Superb recording. Jo could sing Anything… and whatever She sang, it sounded Great. That’s a voice from the past for you.
What’s That? NOT Folk.. Well : I am doing something OLD and Something NEW. And This is OLD.

I see we are getting towards the end of this Chat.
And there is one song I MUST end with:
Yes it is AUTUMN LEAVES . Again.
But this time it is sung by a Lady Who did sing Folk.
Who had a gorgeous voice; and sadly is no longer with us.
Put in.
Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves 4.11
That is So Good.

So: We have had a Bit of Old and Some NEW
And: I have had this lovely Old Song in my mind.
Nothing to do with November, Autumn, Or Falling Leaves.
It is just a Gentle Old Song;
Lots sang it; Waylon Jennings Did a good job: But This is My Favourite, Sung by One of MY Most favourite Irish Groups.
So to end this Rays Chat. Put In:
The Fureys. Dreaming My Dreams 3.54
Lovely Song.

The Fureys have been one of my
MOST favourite Groups they date back to the ‘60s.

So: That Gentle Song, brings us to
the end of another Rays Chat.
We have had Something OLD Something NEW.​
I WONDER Where I will wander next time?
It has been GREAT Chatting to you.