July 21, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Happy summer all. Here’s Ray’s chat 47:

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Forty Seven

HOLIDAY time.. So many wonderful places to choose from!!
Have you been to your special place yet?
Or is your Happy time still to come?.
For me: The Greek Islands, have always had a Special Magic,
This brings back so many Happy times for me.
Put in:
“Echoes of Greece” 58 minutes of Greek Music from Global Journeys.
Oh Yes. That is good for me; Hope you liked it.

The Great thing was: I was in the early days of Tourist Travel.. 1960s.. When it was all new..
You could be in a Greek Taverna and a couple of guys would walk–in; One with guitar and one with bouzouki, and they would play Magic Music. Local guys playing and singing. Always a joy to hear.
AND: Very rare these days..
NOW: You have to PAY to go to a Special Greek Night to hear Bazouki music..
AND; You are VERY lucky if you do meet up with the real thing; Like this. Put in
This is over 43 minutes long.. So you will have to choose When to Stop.

Which made me think..
A long time ago Nana Mouskouri made a record called
It is a record of Her singing Greek Folk Songs. It was her first record and I think she was only 19 when she recorded it.
I was lucky enough to hear the record which a Greek Student had brought with him in the early 60’s
BUT: sorry to say it is not available on the web. Which is a shame. So we will have to make do with Another Early Song She made very famous. THE WHITE ROSE OF ATHENS.
Oh lots of versions available. For you to choose from.

But this is the one from My collection. Put in:
NANA MOUSKOURI ; passport 1976 (compilation – full album. Nice recording and Nanas lovely voice does make this a song that is a joy to hear.
There are some other nice songs on this album.
YES I do like this Album.. Well worth having in your collection. Nana at her very best.

And I have found Nana; singing British Folk Songs!?? Yes.. Put in:
NANA MOUSKKOURI SONGS OF THE BRITISH ISLES. There 15 Folk Songs on this record.
Nana does quite a good job on some of the songs.
Worth listening to.

But of course not everyone goes off to Greek Islands for Holidays:
And now for a laugh.
A Song about Scottish Holidays.
I hope you enjoyed That : if you could understand it ?,

The Corries were a very good Scottish Folk Group in the 60’s
And finished in the 90’s with the death of one of it’s members.
They are well worth investigating.
Just listen to them sing that lovely old Scots Song
The Wild Mountain Thyme 4.47
Sometimes called Will you Go Lassie Go
The Corries were a favourite of mine.

AND: There are hundreds of different version of Wild Mountain Thyme out there for you to choose from.
Just WHICH is your Favourite?.
Oh So Many to choose from..
I was tempted with a Spanish Guitar version!!! YES!!
Another by The Clancy Brothers. And a version by Joan Baez.
There are truly a whole host of Magic famous people who have sang this song.. Each giving something different.
Really well worth researching a bit if you have an interest.
BUT for me Right now let us have
Just an instrumental version with some lovely Mountain scenery. Put In:
Yes: Lovely gentle music. Just sit on the patio with a glass of Sangria and listen; Suits me fine.

Did you know there was a Chart of the Top Ten Holiday Songs in 2014 and Kingston Town was Top of the list?
YES the UB40 Song!!
I must admit I DO like that!! Go on lets hear it. Put in:
UB40 Kingston town 3.49
What’s that you say?? Not proper Folk!!
Well where do you draw the line?..
And Ali’s Dad was a Folk Singer..
(Ian Campbell) And it’s MY Chat: SO!!!!! It’s in.

And that somehow reminds me of a song I heard oh so many years ago: Put in:
Harry Belafonte- Jamacia Farewell 3.04
Yes a lovely song that was very popular in the 60’s.
And YES talking about Harry: Another of his songs that definitely could be Holiday Thinking is: Put In
Harry Belafonte – Island in the Sun 2.51

So: We have done some
Wandering looking for the Sun
And Now: It’s Goodbye Time
Nice Chatting to you,