October 10, 2018 By Diane Kemp

A memorable occasion! Ray’s 50th chat for SRLFC

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty

Yes October is here; Summer is now Just a Memory:
It is, Autumn now with Darker Nights and Cooler days.
Yes that Hot Hot Summer is just a memory;
And just to remind us: I have found a song new to me.
That I hope that You might like
It was recorded in 1964.. YES right in the time when I was deep in FOLK.
But I had never heard this song;
And I really like it… I hope you do to: Put in:
Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song 2..46
Hey: That REALLY is Good… It Sounds SO right now.
GREAT Recording.

Yes October is here, and: Many of the leaves have fallen already, in early FALL: and those Autumn Leaves that linger are Gold and Brown. And What song comes to mind?!!;
And it is of course: Put in:
Lovely Song sung to so well. Lovely Performer .
Shame She died so young.

Katie Maluha does a Great job on this song. And: Actually Natalie Cole does a very good version as well

AND: This was new to me; from their Album CELTIC DREAMS
Put in: The Fureys- the First Leaves of Autumn 3.19
NO: I had not heard that before..

Then: I found: An Acapella Song by a Group I had not heard before: Put in;
MY LADY OF AUTUMN by Beggar’s Velvet 3.2
Well that was different.

AND: Here is one of the newer guys.. Sort of Folk! !
Well He sings pretty good and writes a lot of his own material.
And has become Quite a Famous Guy. Put in:
Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves 3.33

So; here we are in October: and after a fantastic Summer;
Will the Mountain sides still be blooming with Heather..
Good lead in for a song! Oh; BUT Which one?:
So many people have sung this song?? A song with two names..
Either: Will You Go Lassie, or The Wild Mountain Thyme.
But I found an early recording by one of my Favourite Groups:
So Put in: Will Ye Go Lassie Go – The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem 3.06 Oh Yes: I’ve sung that Chorus
Oh so many times; with the whole Folk Club singing their Hearts out. Lovely Old Song with a Great Chorus.

But maybe you prefer a softer version and you will have a job to beat this: Put in:
Wild Mountain Thyme – Sarah Calderwood 3.58
WOW!! That is good.
AND: there is one song we just Got to have; in honour of the month just gone: Put in:
Dinah Washington “September in the Rain” 2.08
And YES I know this is not Folk.
BUT it is a GREAT Song sung so well by a Great artist..
You will never hear it sung better than this.

Here is a real Folk Song; and a real good one:
We are likely to get strong winds in October.
These guys sing this, Neil Young, song, with some nice harmonies nicely done: Put in;
Yes: a good song well sung;
Another of their songs from the early years; is well worth you looking for: Put in: Try To Remember 2.52
It does not even say WHO is singing??..
BUT I feel sure it is THE BROTHERS FOUR.

And if you were Yorkshire way at the end of September.
You may well have visited Scarborough Fair??.!!
Great Song: there are many good versions of the song:
But I suppose the most famous version is: Put in:
Scarborough fair/Canticle – Simon & Garfunkel 3.12 Superb recording.

And: Now we come to the Newer breed of singer:
Put In: Katie Meluha – Blowing in the Wind 3.21
Oh YES: She sings it well: I like Katie very much.

The next song should have been in last months CHAT..
and it is not really Folk: But I have found a very famous Folk Singer singing it: This guy was right at the start of the Folk Revival. So: to me that means it’s OK for this to be in.
YES: A Great Song: By a Great Folk Singer.
Put in: September Song – Willie Nelson 4.35
That deserves to be in.

Now; in RAYS CHAT FORTY NINE I introduced you to ASHER QUINN. And I hope you enjoyed him.
(I first found him through NEW WORLD MUSIC . for which he writes and performs). I Like him a lot. He writes Very relaxing music.
And I thought maybe you might like to hear another of his songs?
If the day has been tough: Put this in:
Apassionata by Asher Quinn & Wonderful Summer Day 4.50
Listen And: You will most likely Drift off!! And your cares are Gone.
You have a whole host of Asher’s Music Out there for you to discover.

And that Almost finishes this RAYS CHAT
And I am going to have Katie Meluha sing for Us again.
And this song – OK it’s NOT Folk.
But it is just a really good song sung superbly.
I love it. Put in:
Katie Meluha – The Closest Thing To Crazy 4.03
And I am certain You will want to hear THAT again.
Yes Katie makes me feel good.

I hope I have found some songs
You maybe have not heard before?
Been nice Chatting to you.
Till next time.