June 17, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 45

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Forty Five

June 15th was another MAGIC Night at THE RED LION:
We had Diane Kemp as the Main Guest. Superb session.

Here on RAYS CHAT: We have Chatted about Many famous Women Folk Singers. And then about many of the famous Men Singers.
So: I guess it is time to give the Folk Groups a chance to show what they are made of: And YES some Great Music.

The Kingston Trio, is a Group I have known from my early Folk days. Never saw them live. But I bought their records.
They were one of the Groups that really caught the Public attention They had many albums. One of their early songs that was heard a lot was: Tom Dooley.
Put in: The Kingston Trio – Tom Dooley 3.05
The Kingston Trio were one of the Most successful of all the USA Groups. I liked this Group and bought their LP’s. I liked this;
Put in: Yellow Bird Kingston Trio 2.31

They were a gentle Group that had a big following.
Yes we should hear one of their songs.
Put in: The Brothers Four Try To Remember 2,56
You must admit that is a lovely song sung superbly.
Well I like it a lot: in fact I rate THE BROTHERS FOUR:
Would have loved to have seen them live.

One of the Irish Groups that made it Big in America; was
The Clancy Brothers , They were always one of MY very favourite Groups; And I have their 1964 LP “THE FIRST HURRAH” in my collection. This is a really Great Album.
And the song I choose from it is: “The First Hurrah”
The Leaving of Liverpool 2.49
This is a Great Version of this song. In fact This Album got very High ratings. There is also a very good rendering of
Roisin the Bow on the same album.

And; If you think of Irish Groups then you got to think; probably the most famous of all the Irish Bands: The OH SO Famous:
THE DUBLINERS?! And this song we MUST have.
Put in: The Dubliners –Fields of Athenry 4.41
Oh Yes. The magnificent voice of Paddy Reilly really makes this song one of the GREATEST ever Folk Songs.
This is Truly One of the GREATEST EVER FOLK SONGS:
Superb Song superbly sung, and the story is TRUE.
You will go a Long way to beat this as a real TOP FOLK SONG.
And is almost the Second IRISH NATIONAL ANTHEM.

And there are a lot of real good Irish Groups to choose from.
Like THE IRISH ROVERS. In 1968 they recorded The Unicorn Song and it was released on a 45 rpm Disc. (Have you ever seen one of those?)
Put in: The Irish Rovers – The Unicorn Song 3.22
And; NO! I never got to see them live.

THEN: Sometime about 1963; I heard about a New Irish Band called THE WOLFE TONES.
BUT: They Were a bit controversial: As they were a Rebel Irish Group. And some of their songs could offend some people!! But they sang and Played some good songs.
I liked this: Put in: The Wolfe Tones – Grace 4.34

And of course There is another Irish Group that became VERY FAMOUS indeed. YES: We must mention THE CHIEFTAINS.
And I have found a real Special for you.
Chieftains playing The Tennessee Waltz…
OH BUT guess who the singer is??.
(Did you get him a young Tom Jones – YES True).
Put in: The Chieftains Tenessee Waltz 4.01
Well it’s different!! The ending is good.

And another Irish group I liked was The Fureys.
Yes: Put this in:
The Fureys and Davey Arthur –When You Were Sweet Sixteen 4.19
Great Song: This got a lot of plays on the radio

Another Great song of theirs was The Phil Coulter Song
“Steal away”. This is an early recording by the Group:
Put In STEAL AWAY by The Fureys. 5.18

And there was an English Folk Group that became Famous;
I am talking about THE SPINNERS
Put in: The Spinners – Manchester Rambler 4.15
They were a good Group that always got the crowd going.
I saw this group live a number of times; and we always had a real good evening when they came to THE JUG OF PUNCH.
This is another good one When they sing Dirty Old Town.
Put In: The Spinners (UK) – Dirty Old Town 2.35

Well we are getting towards the close of another Chat.. and I think we MUST have a Group..That many people consider the start of it all. The Carter Family. Although They were more Country than Folk; Never the less They inspired Many folk singers. So lets have a real Historical recording of The Carter Family. Put in:
The Original Carter Family – Wildwood Flower (1928) 3.10 That’s real History for you.

And of course there is no way I could miss out the Ian Campbell Folk Group.
Put in: The Ian Campbell Folk Group – Cushy Butterfield 2.23
And to finish: one of Ians VERY BEST
Put in: The Ian Campbell Folk Group – D Day Dodgers 4.44. Superbly Sung with Sincerity.

So here we are
At the end of another Chat
We will talk about SUMMER
Next time.​​