September 24, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 49

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Forty Nine

In Chat 48 I slipped-in some of the newer singers:
I hope you liked that? I’ve got a few more for you this time.

But First: I asked the Computer what was THE BEST Folk Songs of the 60’s?: It came-up with THE SEEKERS: I’ll NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU. Which surprised me a little. Yes Good Song and They sing it well…OK.. BUT “The Best”??!! But OK: Let’s listen: Put in.
The Seekers I’ll Never Find Another You 1965 3.04

The next it came-up with; is certainly a song that does deserve to be considered THE BEST of those early days: Put in:
Peter, Paul and Mary – Blowing In The Wind 3.01
Yes: a Great song Written by Bob Dylan and it was sung many times in the Folk Clubs. In fact there is a Young Bob Dylan recording of it, on You Tube: singing his own song: that is well worth listening to.

Then The Computer came-up with:
California Dreamin The Momas And The Poppas. 2.38 Well Yes: A Great Song. ?? But is it Folk?
Well this one is Folk; And it was sung by so many people in the 60’s Clubs. A Really great song.. Yes another written by Bob Dylan. and here is one the Best Women Singers of all time singing it: Put in:
It Ain’t Me Babe – Joan Baez 3.13

I just thought of another song that really Hit the right note of the times: Yes a Great Song: Put in:
The Fureys – The Times they are a Changing 3.33
And Guess WHO wrote that ? Yes Bob Dylan.

And Now: A Folk Song that really Hit the Top Spot.

A Ewan McColl song; That; Oh So Many People sang.
I have a Folk Singer to sing it for you: Put in: Mary Travers – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 2.55
BUT: Maybe Not the Best Recording..
Indeed No: Roberta Flack sang it better: and Hers is probably the VERY best version you’ll ever hear:
And if you want to listen to something VERY different:
Put in: Gregorian – The First Time Eve I saw Your Face 6.07. This Really is something different. Well worth a listen.
Go on Listen!!

Then came EARLY MORNING RAIN by Gordon Lightfoot
YES: Good Song: And was sung a lot in the Clubs:
Put in: Gordon Lightfoot ‘Early Morning Rain’ 3.12

And there is one song that once you’ve heard I find keeps coming
into your head. Written by Ian Tyson: This is another really good song; and Oh So Many sang it. I like this version.
Put in: Bonnie Dobson – Someday Soon 2.46

There was one song written by Pete Seeger that really HIT the TOP spot: it really became the greatest of the Protest Songs. Everyone sang it: AND: There is one recording above all that HITS Me: Well I was lucky enough to see; and hear Marlena LIVE Sing this: She was Superb:
Put In:Marlena Dietrich- Where Have All The Flowers Gone 4.28 She was not really Folk : BUT Live SHE was MAGIC.

BUT: Surely There is ONE Song that MUST BE THE GREATEST. And, YES: Another Pete Seeger Song:
A very young Joan Baez.. BUT this show you WHY She was and still is THE GREATEST!!
AND: I have found you a lovely recording of a Youth Choir singing the Great Song: Put in: Ragadeepam Choral Harmony We Shall Overcome 4.21.
Just a lot of Kids..
OH BUT What a Gorgeous sound they make??
The OPENING tune is slightly strange; But.. Well you just got to love this.. and you MUST WATCH the Video. Those Kids faces are just SO Gorgeous. WOW!! Oh that was a Magic find for me.

WELL: What a wonderful list of the older Songs We have come-up With? hope you have enjoyed Our Search.
And NOW we come to the spot where I promised some songs by the newer Singers: For the first: Put in: Norah Jones –Long Way Home (live from AustinTX) 3.16

There is something about Norah I like Very Much:
If YOU like her there are lots and lots of her singing on YOU TUBE.

And for another lovely Lady.. Another Superb singer
Put in: KATIE MELUHA – Fields of Gold. 3.32

Eva Cassidy is maybe the usual person we enjoy singing this Song: and Eva was the inspiration for Katie to sing this song.
If you want to hear Eva Cassidys version Put in:
Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold 5.52

Now Which DO YOU Choose??? And STING does a very nice version

OH Katie is just Magic for me.
Yes I reckon I will be giving you more of her in future Chats:

But: to end: I thought a nice Gentle Song would be good;
And: I have found a recording I had not heard before;
although I knew the Singer!! And adore work he does: it is truly different. Put in Shenandoah – Asher Quinn 6.47
This is just superb; and the Video is Great.

If this is the first time you have heard Asher Quinn: then you have hit on a Gold Mine of Song. He has 27 Albums for you to explore. Oh Do explore and have Wonderful listening.

So: What an end to this Rays Chat.
Nice Chatting to you,​​​​