September 5, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s Chat Number 7

Hi Folks.
Here we are in September 2023:
Back to The Folk Club For the New Season: And How Good it
was to say Hello to all those friendly faces. Some I have known
for Many years. So I am I am REAL HAPPY!! AND I AM NOT
going to moan about OUR Weather.. Or this Crazy: Crazy
World… But Just talk FOLK.
And talking Folk;
There is One Guy that I have Enjoyed from when He was
Just 19. And, He is still singing today, at 86. WOW!!, Yes
I am talking about TOM PAXTON’

He started Young: And was strong in the Peace Movement..
AND: He wrote an Anti War Song called:
Lyndon Johnson told the Nation.
YES: GO Look for it: That really Made the Headlines
BUT: It is his first BIG Album I want to talk about:
A Really Great Album: Still One of My TOP Favourites
Put in: Tom Paxton – Rambling Boy 1964.
And play the Title Song
And Here He is at 86!! Yes::. Still Singing!!
Put In:
Tom Paxton – Rambling’ Boy – Live at Mc Cabes
And I hope We will Enjoy Him for Many more Years to come.

And this is What May and June are

Oh May; What a Crazy Old World We are Living-In? You Never
know from one minute to the Next What the weather is going
to do?? Oh for the Old Days. When Winter was Frost and
Snow (and FOG).. And SUMMER was SUN:
Oh YES; I remember Building Sandcastles and Donkey Rides.
Ice Creams, and Punch &Judy!! Oh May What Memories!!.
But: This Year, August went CRAZY!!
Every time I went into the Garden; it rained on Me!!
Yes June: It does seem that; The Whole World Weather has
Gone Crazy!! Dreadful Earthquakes.. Forest Fires ,with People
losing their Homes.. losing EVERYTHING.
And, Now They say that the THE SEA is Hotting-Up!!.
Oh May.. What are We going to Do?
Well: June: I can tell you that Henry and Me are NOT
Going to book Anything, for Next Year !! NO..
We Will wait and see!! If it Rains.. OK We’ll Stop in!!
When the SUN Shines Well Do Something; DAYS OUT!!
Look out for Local Things. See our Own Country.
When did you last see MORRIS DANCING? Or Visit a National
Trust Event? Or watch a local Cricket Game? When did you
last Look Out for Local Things.. When did you Have a day out?
Canals; And; How about BEER FESTIVALS. Henry would love
THAT..and I bet Your Joe would too!!
YES Enjoy Local Things.. Enjoy our Own Country!!

Yes That will Be OUR Plan for Next Year.
September is here. AND THE FOLK CLUB is Back!!
Who knows what Weather We will be having??
And Holidays 2023 ,become Memories!!
Then it will deciding What to do NEXT YEAR??!!
OH!! I must admit that Getting on Plane to a PACKAGE
HOLIDAY Somewhere is SO Easy!!.. (Well Most times!!.)
And; DO IT YOURSELF is much harder!!
BUT: Do WE Do know OUR Own Country?.
I wonder just How Many of you have tried Canal Boat Trips
through Lovely English Countryside.. And those Waterside
The Dutch and German ones are GREAT!
WHY NOT English Ones??
And National Trust; Do a Great job.. Go and Look.
Now with the Weather Not knowing WHAT it is going to DO?
One Minute to the Next.
I guess Holidays are going to be Very Different.
YES I think Our Own Country is Going to be much more;
THE PLACE TO BE. See You There
Nice Chatting to you