December 19, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s Chat for 2024

Hi Folks

Another Year has slipped by with a lot of Ups and Downs.

And Who knows where we will be at this time next Year??.

BUT At least  We can be Thankful that We are still here: 

And Doing Oh So much BETTER than a lot of Other People in The World.


Hi May. So We have managed to Still be here in 2024 despite what 2023 threw at Us!!

And June YES There are a lot of US Oldies in the World these days.  

And if you think Back to Our Grandmothers Day 

Now There are   FOLKS HOMES all over the place,,

Filled with lots of Folks Living into their Nineties!! and Still Enjoying Life.

Oh YES   May: YES  There is a lot for You and  Me to be THANKFUL for.

Oh June : Yes: We are the Lucky Ones

As We still have our Partners; Our Health, and many Friends.

It is SO different  For THOSE Who are left ALONE.. 

With No Family or Friends LEFT.

That is Today’s Old People Sadness.

So We must DO ALL WE CAN to help 

And Now Folks  It’s Nostalgia Time

lets  look back at some of the Oldies, .  From Long Ago.

Songs You just Don’t hear  any longer .

AND I Don’t think THEY Should be Forgotten.. 

Look on YOU TUBE” They are there for you to Look and Listen to..

Oh YES Memories, Memories!!

It Was The SIXTIES when Kids started to become involved with Folk.   KIDS like Me had been into Skiffle.

(Oh!! have you Never heard of Lonnie Donegan (GO LOOK HIM Up On YOUTUBE!!)

And Things started to suddenly become  Much More [

A Young Peoples TIME   And the American YOUNG really started to Make a Mark. 

“The Vietnam War”, had caused the PEACE MOVEMENT to Happen, And Many New Writers, and Singers were bringing YOUNG into Folk Clubs And They were Good.

AND ONE of the first of the New Guys that really Got Me..

Was a 19 Year  Old American Guy : Called TOM PAXTON

And He wrote a Song called:

“I  Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound”. 3..42

I  still Think It is One of the Greatest Of his  Greatest  Songs.

And He is still singing Today. GREAT GREAT MAN.

AND: Coming back to Folk Songs: This is one of My Forever Most Favourite Songs:

A Guy called IAN TYSON  wrote it and He sang it with his wife, 


Someday Soon, Ian & Sylvia Tyson. 1964 

And if You Liked That.. Try this:

Ian Tyson Springtime In Alberta

Just Great Songs

And This in it’s day was Just OUR” Song for Me  and My Friends” Memories, Happy Memories.

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie

WOW  WhaMemories

And just One More of My Most Treasured Memories.

She is still singing (But only Just),

Yes Joni Mitchell

I  was lucky enough to be a couple of yards from Her When She sang This at the JUG OF PUNCH ..She was 19.

When She sang this

Put In:  Joni Mitchell –Both Sides Now. (Original Studio Version)

And Joni  was accompanied by a 19 year old  lad called TOM RUSH..

 And YES Tom still Sings and plays Guitar..  YES Go Check him out.

And I guess that’ll keep you busy for a while.

See You at the Shirley Folk Club.

Ray Taylor.