May 30, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s Page Number 2

Hi Folks.

Oh YES ,I am missing You.. The SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB is just GREAT, And  I really Do miss Wednesday night Folk Club.  

And YES,  I am Missing the Great Friends  I have made there.

And this is What “May and & June”, think.

OH May, it was real good that Ray came to FREDs, Afterall

And He brought his Friend Trevor as Well: We had a Ball

Then the next week Keith and David came as Well. NICE ONE.

Fred was  Pleased. Getting to be Quite a CLUB: More Food Gone.

YES: It was So Good:  to be with Old Friends Again: It’s GREAT.                                                                                            

COME TO FREDS Ray says: He might even bring yet Another Mate.

Oh1 May: It really looks like Freds is getting to be THE PLACE TO BE

Seems real Good.. More Folk Each Time; Keep Going; AND LETS SEE.

Yes: Peggy is coming Next Time, and is bringing Her Friend Dorothy

Yes: Even Henry was surprised That More Men came: OH We will See.

It’s Now: Come to Freds For a Cuppa and a Chat.THE NEW PLACE TO BE

OH YES: Hi Folks, Come Join Us for that real Friendly NICE CUP OF TEA.


Now: for RAYS CHAT

Lets talk about  What’s New!?!  

This is The Sort of things I am finding. as I search for New Folk..


She is an American Girl Who WON AMERICAS GOT TALENT When She was Just 14 Wen She WON.  

A Wonderful Ventrilogist.  Totally Fantastic.

She is 17 Now.  Search For Her On YOU TUBE .

She has a number of Puppets,,  

The One I think is So Special… Is An Old Lady:

Put in:    

Darci Lynne  Naughty Old- Lady  Puppet “Edna”  

I was really laughing at this.. WOW!! Darci is  Just Incredible !!

And She Has an Operatic Singing voice!!! WOW!!

If you are into Magic :  Try  this Guy:

Put into YOU TUBE..

Hillarious Magic Keiich Iwasakis Got Talent.

He is a Great Entertainer..  Search for him.  He has more than one Entry,  He is good.

And if you like Male Voice Choirs: Then you’ll love this:

Put In:

John’s Boys Full Performance  Britain’s Got Talent 2023


And for a Great Street Dance..

Put In:

Dancing Zorbas in Street 8.10

Here We are getting well down the Page!!

And We have not heard an Irish Folk Song:

So here is one of the Best sung by a Great Irish Singer;

Put in:

Paddy Reilly – Carrick Fergus 4.02

Oh Yes.. Wonderful Old Song..

And to finish I just MUST have One of my Absolute Favourite Songs.. Superbly sung by A Man Who was in An Irish Folk Group..  He retired from that when He was 70:  

And started as a new Solo singer..  

And I just love him.. Just listen to this When he joined-Up with one of Irelands favourite Lady Singers.

Put in:

“When You Were Sweet Sixteen” – Finbar Fury and Imelda May !The Late Show  4.44

Hope You have enjoyed my Chat: