April 30, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s Page Number 1

May have you heard Rays retired from the Folk Club? YES
He’s been going there quite a while:

He will miss it, I Guess
But: He has had a couple of falls. And, His Legs are weak now.
He’s Been told He Needs a Walking Frame. Not Him Somehow
Rays Falls. Ended in Hospital. What Next time! ?

Yes I See
JUNE: There comes a time for all things??: Sound Sensible to Me:
I think He’d be welcome to join US at Freds, Do You Agree?

Oh June: He’d be the Only Man: No Don’t Sound Good to Me?
But: It’s a Free World .If He wants to go to Freds: HE Can
Freds is Free.

So he can Go If He wishes: Even if He’s the ONLY Man

We’ll just wait and See: Seems like Things are a changing to Me.
BUT: Ray would be Welcome to Join Us for that Nice Cup of Tea.
AND: So to some MUSIC, from Way Back.

Prior to the 60’s It had been Skiffle that was THE Thing!!
Every time You Put the Radio on..

Yes.. Maybe You Are too young to remember this:
Put In:
Lonnie Donegan – Puttin on the Style (1957)
But:: Moving On:
One Song seems to have been in my life FOREVER:
Put In:
Hallelujah – Summertime Choir feat. Jade Nova

And it still sounds Great, Who EVER sings it…

Yes there were some great New Singers, and New Songs
in the 60.s Like: THE MAMAS & PAPAS. Remember this?
Put In:
The Mamas & The Papas California Dreamin

The 60’s were the time When YOUTH started to really
change the World.
This was The First ever BEATLES Recording (2.9.64)
Put In:
I want To Hold Your Hand OH Memories!!
A Group From Australia, came to Britain, and they Made some
Great Records: Remember this:
The Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You. Oh they were good.

And Searching:
I found this recording of a Group that was really TOPS in the
early days.. with a Lady who had one of the finest voices ever..
Put In:
Mary Travers & The Kingston Trio – Where Have All
the Flowers Gone

And One Voice that I have always enjoyed since those Early days..
She is retired Now:
But She left Us some Great recordings.
Put In:
Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust

I Guess that’s it
I hope You Like RAYS PAGE??
And I miss you all at the Folk Club.