March 30, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 154

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FifTY Four
The references I Give You Are From YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC
Hi folks: We got some Sun: Hurrah!! Ok only now and again.
But Spring is here: and perhaps We can spend time in the Sun,
So Lets have some Sunny Music:
This is “Get You Going” sort of Music
Put In:
THE SAKUR ALI SONG 2 Official Video by Sunny 4.19
Well That Gets Us off to a great START.
And that makes Me want hear another Great Song;
And this is from a long time ago.
Put In:
Ralph McTell Streets of London Live 5.01
Oh YES; One of the REAL Great OLDER Songs.
One of the Early Days Folk Songs, that I just loved, was:
Ian Tysons Song: Four Strong Winds, Which He Sang with His Wife.
Oh YES Let’s hear that:
Put in:
Ian & Sylvia – Four Strong Winds 3.26
And: There is another Song, that keeps coming into My mind..
my current ”want to hear again “ song:
Yes: I know I Have played him before
But He has GONE Now..
So He won’t be singing any more songs. I do miss You Ian.
Put In
Ian Tyson Springtime in Alberta 3.51
Ian, He has been one of My favourites for a very long time.
And another long time favourite Singer that has gone is Kate Wolf.
But She has left Us a lots of Great recordings:
Let’s hear one Now:
Put In
Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12
Just sublime!!

But Those were performers, That are no longer with Us.
Lets find Someone NEW!!
And here We have a Young Guy: An Irish lad that won one of
those Singing Contests.
Yes I have played Him before: And I am liking him: Yes and
I want to hear More.
So ; YES Let’s hear him sing this:
Put in
Isle of Innisfree – Conor Mc Ginty 4.20
I will be looking out for him.
Oh there is something about an Irish Song that makes me want more
And So We shall have more.. and this is one of the Older Guys:
One of the Very Best:
Put In:
Paddy Reilly – Carrick Fergus 4.02
Oh Thanks Paddy: Just GREAT
And I have just had another Irish Folk Song.. Come into my Head:
Probably EVERYBODY Knows it!!..
IT Goes right back to early school days for Me!!
Put In:
Sinead O’conner Molly Malone 3.44
And they even built a statue of Molly..
How’s that for fame??
And NOW I want to move on: Lets hear some BLUE GRASS
Put in:
This Land is Your Land Bluegrass Music Videos
from The Brandenburger Family 2.53
WOW!! That’s Fast!!
See how you like this one: This is an Oldie:
Put In:
When The Green Grass Grows Over Me,
George Jones, 1968 2.53

Now it is a long time since I played some Pan Pipe Music.
And this guy is one of the best in the World:
Just listen to the MAGIC Sound He gets from those Pipes?
Put In:
Leo Rojas – Der Einsame Hirte (Vieoclip) 3.57
WOW!! Where do We go from there?
Well I have had an Old Song in my mind.. YES I think this will
be good right here: It is a Blast from the Past
Put In:
Who Knows Where the Time Goes –
Fairport Convention 5.10
Oh Yes How good to hear the lovely voice of Sandy Denny..
She died So young, And that was a Long time ago.
And; Another Wonderful Lady Singer Who died Young:
Was Eva Cassidy.
Shé was a Superb Singer
And She made “Stings” Song into a Never to be
forgotten Masterpiece:
Oh We Must remember EVA Singing this Gorgeous Song
Put In:
Fields Of Gold – Eva Cassidy 4.45
That is just Superb
Enjoy Folk