March 12, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 153

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FifTY Three  

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks: 

We have been having a fairly Mild Winter Lets hope it follows with

An Early Spring: Not Long to wait.  So We will Soon have thoughts 

of Sunny days in the garden.. 

Maybe some Sunny Music playing:  Oh Yes We NeedTHE SUN.

Put in:

Chokey Taylor – Sunshine Reggae 5.22

Well there’s a Sunny Start, 

and that makes Me think of Greek Sun: And the wonderful days 

I used to spend there ,In My Younger days:

And, I want to remember One Wonderful Greek Lady;

She has retired now, 

But I first heard her when she was just 19: HAPPY MEMORIES!!

Put in:

Nana Mouskouri  – Siko Chorepse Sirtaki 3.00

But it is not Spring until March 20th.. so don’t get too excited.

AND it is about time we had some Folk Music.. 

And here is a Singer. I have never put in Rays Chat before:

Oh I know the Song well enough, But He is New to Me.

Put In:

Whiskey on a Sunday – Danny Doyle 2.57

And there we have a good old Irish Folk Song.. 

and; whilst We are In the Mood..

Lets have some More of those Good Old Songs:

Put In:

Irish Rovers – Black Velvet Band 3.44

And there was a very young Luke Kelly in that Band.  

Real History…

Oh Luke was a real Great Singer.

Oh Yes Let’s have him again.

Put in:

Raglan Road – Luke Kelly 4.31

Oh You always had a good night When Luke was On:

He was rated as Irelands Greatest Singer: 

And He was with “The Dubliners” for many years.  

Great Man. I was lucky  to see/hear him both with 

Dubliners,, and  with his own Band

So We have had Sunshine and We have had Folk:

Where to Next?

Well OK; Enough of the Irish.

And: We have not heard from Alison for a while: 

Yes: Put In.

Alison Krauss & Union Station – The Lucky One


And We have not heard for another of My Favourite Ladies, 

For a while;  We Must remedy That.

Put In: 

Norah Jones – Carry On (Official Video) 2.50

And What can We have now that is “Different”???..

Well I rather like this NEW version of an old song.. 

see how you like it ?

Put In.

Sons of Serendip “Hallelujah 5.13

This Group Won An American Song Contest..

Watch out for them.

Oh I Like Them.   

Put in:

A Thousand Years(Cover) – Sons of Serendip 4.42

Oh:  We Are Going to hear MORE of these guys I am sure.

Now Where To?  See What You think of this

Put In:

Gentle On My Mind – Molly Tuttle at Augusta 

Blue  Grass Week 2016 4.14

OK We have Wandered

And I wonder What Jack has been doing?  

Well Lets find out?

Put In:

Jack Savoretti – Not Worthy 3.12

Now lets hear that New Irish Boy:  He came from X Factor.

I Like him;  see what You think?

Put In:

Lovely Derry On The Banks of the Foyle

(Official Music Video) – Conor McGinty 4.28

Oh Yes:  I think We will be hearing More of Conor McGinty.

One voice I miss very much, is Kate Wolf. 

I JUST LOVED HER voice and Her Gentle way of singing.

I was just playing some of her songs:  

and I found One, I had NEVER Heard before!!  

So I just got to Put it in this RAYS CHAT: Enjoythis:

Put In:

Kate Wolf – Telluride – wmv 4.25

So: Now; We come to our last Song for this session:  

And after that Gentle Kate Song.   We need something Special.

And I have not played this for a Long time.  

ENJOY some superb Guitar Playing                      

Put In;

Ry Cooder – Cancion Mixteca 4.16

Enjoy Folk