February 22, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 152

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FifTY Two   

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:  

We have had a few Better Days When the Sun Has tried to fool us 

into thinking Spring is here.. !!Oh No.. Not Yet.   Keep Hoping!! 

Till Then. Keep Smiling, And Enjoy Folk Music with Me.

Have a augh with this One:

Put In:

Helen Reddy – We’ll Sing In The Sunshine 

(The Muppet Show 1978) 3.03

Now I want to spend a few minutes chatting about One of  MY

most favourite Singers, Who died December 29 age 89

His Name  was Ian Tyson, He was a Canadian Cowboy Singer.

I first heard Ian Tyson sing early in the 1960s: on a record 

when He sang with his Wife Sylvia. Four Strong Winds.

I Liked it and began to watch out for further recordings:  

And then  I found “Spring Time In Alberta”

Which still is One of My Top Favourite ever Recordings.

Do a bit of research on YOU TUBE  on Ian Tyson,   He was Great 

Put In:

Springtime in Alberta 3.51    

Oh What a Great Song, sung by a Great Singer. 

Then did a bit of searching ; and found a recording, 

of 2 young people that made a “Street recording” of a song 

you will know:

Put in:


Oscar Stembridge & Carolina Protsenko3.23 

These two  young performers are getting a lot of plays on YOU TUBE .

Looks like they could be the next BIG Thing !!                                                 

Yes: They are good.. Watch Out for them. 

And ,Oscar (The Boy) has many mentions on You Tube 

Here is Oscar the Swedish Lad playing Solo in a studio:

Put in:

Oscar Stembridge performs Live In A Studio 6.25

So: We have been listening to Young voices: 

and now I want to hear a A New Young Singer,

That I have only recently found. 

Here He is Singing a Song you will know: and I like His version:

Put In:

Conor McGinty   Sound of Silence 3.58

Yes I Like him; 

I think  we will be  hearing from him again.

Now a Change;  Lets have some Sunshine:

Not heard this version before!!

Put In:

Chokey Taylor – Sunshine Reggae 5.20

Oh Yes:  The Sunshine Sound.  Lets find some More.

Put In:

Island in the Sun – Jamaican Steel Band 3.22 

Well here We are still  a long way from Holiday Time, 

So We can only Dream of waking to Music like this:

Put In

Sunrise Serenade –  Global Journey Topic 5.07

OK?  Where to Now?  

Well We haven’t heard Jack for a while.. 

What’s He been doing?  Well!! Filling venues.!! .

Lets hear him: 

Put in:

Jack  Savouretti – Northern Sky 3.34


The I found a Lady I had not heard before, and liked Her:  

See What YOU think??

Put In:

Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway –

San Francisco Blues(Live at the Station Inn) 4.00

Oh Yes Sounds Good To Me:

And Now See how you like this,

Put In.

Rock Ridge – Plant Some Flowers 4.06

Yes like That.   Let’s hear another song from them:

Put In:

Rock Ridge – I Just Think I’ll Go Away 3.09

And NOW; Lets have a Man sing US a song??  

And How about a bit of Irish

OK: Put In:

Mick Flavin – The Lights Of Homes 3.44

That’s a voice I have not heard before, 

Oh Yes let’s have some more Irish

Put in:

Dermot Hegarty Shores of Lough Bran 2,34

And that was Another new voice to me.

Now I have played this next one  before and liked it: 

Yes: Thought it was a Great  song.

So I think as  we are nearing the end of this session

This will be good to hear again:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Put In:

The  Brothers Comatose & AJ Lee – “Harvest Moon”

(By Neil Young) 4.42  

And Now for our final Song I think We will let the Irish 

have the floor: 

Put In                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The Dubliners, Imelda May & Karan Casey – 

Rare Auld Times Abbey Tavern  5.40                      

Enjoy Folk