February 1, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 151

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FifTY One   

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:  

I am going to look back to Some of he First Folk Songs that 

I ever heard: Oh!! Yes this goes back a long way:

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We’ll Sing In The  Sunshine GALE GARNETT 

Yes History;  And I remember there was a Group called 

The Brothers Four,  They were BEFORE “The Kingston Trio”

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TRY TO REMEMBER  The Brothers Four-Campfire 14

Oh Yes They were good,

I MENTIONED the Kingston Trio. And They really Were

The Top Folk Group in the 60s.. YES Let’s  hear them.

Put in:

The Kingston Trio – Tom Dooley-1958 3.09

Great Song.. That got a lot of plays.

Then they sang One of their real Great Songs

Where have the Flowers Gone..  Written by Pete Seeger

Which became the “Peace Anthem” in USA.

Put In:

Where Have All The Flowers Gone –

The Kingston Trio .3.02

The Early 60’s were very much The American Scene. 

The Vietnam War had Meant Young Men were Fighting a War. 

They knew NOTHING about .. No Idea WHERE Vietnam Was??

And The Protest Movement Got Big : Real Big. 

THEN: The Big Thing Happened 

Real Big Anti-War Protest Marches By American Young; 

really took off.  Big Demonstrations Against WAR..

-And Joan Baez Sang “We Shall Overcome”. At the  Head of a 

Huge Crowd , of Young On a March to Washington.

Things Changed.   Folk got much more  youngAmerican. 

And much more  a Youth Thing.

People like: Bob Dylan,  Pete Seeger, and Tom Paxton. Were the 

new names to remember.   Bob Dylan   wrote Political Songs .                          

Put In:

Bob Dylan – Only a Prawn in Their Game 3.30

And a Young American guy Sang Songs that were really NEW.

HIS NAME TOM PAXTON. He made a very Big impression on Me

With His Song; 

Put in:

I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound 3.42

But The Folk Scene  was not ALL  The Americans.  

The Irish had some good Up and coming Groups, Like:

The Dubliners, And The Fureys

Put In :

The Fureys – The First leaves of Autumn3.19

And THE DUBLINERS got Very Big:

I have found some real old recordings of Early Dubliners. 

(This is a Rather Special Historical Recording)

Put in:

Dubliners Old Footage 34.20

And  A Folk Group that had a regular BBC Folk Spot:

Was :THE SPINNERS.  They were real BIG.

Ian Campbell used to book them for THE JUG OF PUNCH 

and He would give them the Whole 2nd half.. and we would have 

a Great Night with Songs like this:

Put In:

In My Liverpool Home 3.16

Things really were changing FAST:  FOLK had really become a 

Youth thing;  New Writers and performers;  Were Big names                       

Two Young Guys Met: and they wrote a New Song, 

that REALLY took Off;

Yes you know it:

Put in:

Simon & Garfunkle – Bridge over Troubled Water 4.53

And “Bridge”  became a “Crossover Song”. Pop Artists were happy 

to sing a “Folk” Song.

Yes Elvis Presley made a recording of “Bridge”,

And Aretha Franklin also made a recording of “Bridge”.

And Young People like “Donovan” would come and sing their Songs 

At the Jug of Punch”.  Yes Folk was changing.

Lots of New People were making recordings, and were being heard 

on radio; Like The Seekers: Who had a foot in both Folk and Pop.

And Don’t forget that LPS, and STEREO, were both Very New.

So radio had become much more Alive. And lots of New Recordings 

were becoming available: Real Good Quality Sound.

Put in:

The Seekers I’ll Never Find Another You 3.04

Oh Yes, A real Big Hit.. lots of Radio plays.

Peter, Paul and Mary,  Also: were real Big. 

And The Mamas & the Pappas , also made it Big 

With California Dreamin,

The “Hippy” Era was a BIG  thing with The Young: I Remember this;

Put In;

Imagine – John Lennon   & The Plastic Ono Band 3,14  

And Maybe the Greatest Hippie Song of all~

Put In:    

San Francisco   – Scott McKenzie 3.02,

Oh Those were the days: It was “Young Performers Time”…

Folk was becoming Much YOUNGER Audience. 

As Bob Dylan said “Times They Were a Changing.