August 7, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 144

Happy Summer!


The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:

So: It’s another Rays Chat, and I have some NEW Singers..

Well New to Me

We have had some of the Hottest days Ever recorded, 

and now we have a Water shortage:  

How can that be? We are surrounded by Water?? 

Has Governing Bodies never heard of DE-Salination?

Oh Well, Moaning won’t achieve anything: 

Lets find Something Cheerful.  And Oh Yes:  

Try this: 

Put In: 

Sunshine Reggae – Ukelele & Guitar (Laid Back) 2.38

YES: I Really like that: Sets a real nice mood.

And I have just found this..  and I Quite Liked the laid back style: 

and I thought that you might like it:

Yes that was good for me.  A Name I will watch for!!

See What YOU Think?

Put In:

Jackson Dean – Wings – Lyric Video 4.26

Nice Relaxed style;  Yes liked him.   I Will watch out for him.

And Now: See How you like this

Put In:

Surrender Hill – “Sunshine and Silver Linings” Official Video 3.48

And there is one song I have played before ; 

that keeps coming into my mind.. So I just got to play it again:

Yes it is a “want to hear again Song”

Put In:

‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ Boyz II Men and Brett Young `CMT CROSSROADS. 3.56

I Do like Brett Young.  Yes I will be watching out for him, 

And where do we go from here? 

Well There is a guy I used to like: He was quiefamous.  Then He had a voice problem… and I have found him still singing:

So I guess that is where We are going next.


Put In:

“I Told You So Carrie with Randy Travisfrom American Idol 3.58

I really liked that. Nice Voice

And now for something different.

See How you like this

Put In:

Bill Withers Ain’t No Sunshine 2.08

And  now I think We will have a big change,,

Yes  Here is a Weepy for you:

A Lady WITH A Big voice

Put in:

Joss Stone – Breaking Each Others  Hearts 3.54

And another Big voice that has really been hitting the high spots

YES:I think it is time to let Callum have his spot.  

Oh What a voice that guy has?!!

He is one of the newer guys coming from a talent Show that is really Someone to watch.

Put In:

Callum Scott  – Rise (Official Video) 3.36

Callum has certainly Hit the high spots!!  in a very short time.

And YES, Maybe: You are saying Where is JACK.  

Oh Yes another Big Voice guy that has really Hit the High Spots.  

Yes , Jack is one of the guys I have been rooting for right from the first time I heard him: Long time ago. Yes I think Jack will be in

RAYS  CHAT for a long time:

Put In:

Jack Savoretti – Love Of Your Life 3.42

And there is another Older Singer 

Who can still sing a good song for Me:

Put In:

Chris Norman – Living Next Door To  Alice(one Acoustic Evening) 4.14

Yes: That was a GREAT SONG

MAYBE: It is  a long time since that was high in the Hit Parade:

BUT, it is Oh so good to listen to some of these Older Songs.

And I have another Oldie for You that You might Never Have heard.  

Yes, I have really dipping into the History files:

Put this in:


Yes. names that had a lot of hits in their day.

Ok..  Maybe they were not not FOLK

Where will we go now?

We are getting well down the page..  

So I guess this has to be THE LAST singer We have room for.

Well this is a song, and Singer that I have not heard before.

Yes NEW to Me!   

And Yes: I Like Her voice:  

So here  is f Jacqui  singing for you                      

Put in:

Jacqui Sharkey When I Dream 3.22

I think I will be looking for MORE songs from Jacqui.

YES, I really liked Her voice.  

That’s two New Ladies to keep an eye open for.

And now it is time to say  Goodbye Again.

See You at the Next Folk Club.