July 27, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 143

Ray might have been missing last club folks, but his chat is still here!

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FORTY Three

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:

So: We have had the Hottest Day ever recorded in Our Country;

and Maybe you will be thinking of What? You might have done for the Holidays;  You know those  holidays that you Might had ? If things had been only been different?.

I wonder would you have chosen somewhere Exotic? 

Like One place I have never been to:   THAILAND..

I always thought One day I would go?  

But NO!!   Never got there.

The People seem so Gentle; and the Country So beautiful. 

But You can listen to Listen to this gentle Music:   

Put In:                          

That Lovely Thai Song – I’m Glad To Have You 4.34

Yes Lovely Thoughts!!.

But: I guess the Holiday season is coming to a close. And you will have 

Just memories of lovely days, you maybe would have spent in the Greek Islands. perhaps drinking Ouzo as you listen to Music like this:

Put In:

Greek Taverna Music. Ta Dilina 2.46

But YES:  I guess it is More Likely You stayed in the UK!!

Perhaps You had a few friends round and had a Barbee??    

And Maybe GOT RAIN!!   Well I reckon You are Bound to get rain if you have a Barbee!! 

Put In:

Creedance Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Official) 3.03

BUT: You might Get Blessed with ITALIAN SUN.

Put In:


That should keep the Barbee going nicely.. and Maybe will bring thoughts of and ITALIAN holiday?    YES: could be Something for future plans:  How about thinking of the Venice Lagoon?

Put in:

Romance in Venice Dull Album Instrumental Music 49.01

Or Maybe You might choose to stay home with Barbecue Music like this:

Put In:

Spanish Eyes (Guitar Instrumental) 3.36

YES: That’s Great for a Garden Party.  And if you Want More Then this might Go down very well.

Put In


Ah!! But I guess ‘Someone is saying,  Where’s THE FOLK?  

YES; BUT: Before We go Folk: I have found You a superb Version of Chichititta, Which I Think Youmay like?

Put In:

Escucha la melodia que exalta las emociones en el alma 5.30

OK: So It is time We Got to some ~ real Folk

500 Miles – Peter, Paul and Mary [Original Audio]


That’s History for you: That was recorded in 1962. 

Oh Memories.

And; this was another of their songs that really was a BIG HIT.

Put In:

Peter, Paul  and Mary  –  Early Morning Rain (1966)

(Great Song)

What’s that? You want something newer!!  And What about Country Music:  

OK Put this In:

Alan Jackson – Remember When 4.26

And Folk?:  Where is the Newer Folk? Well OK!! See How will you like THIS?  

Put In:

Alison Krauss – Losing You (Live Version) 2.54

OHH!!!  Alison  This is one of the TOPS for Me..Great Backing.    

OR: Maybe ; This is more Your Style?

Put In:

Kris Christoffersn – For the good times (1999) 4.14 

Ah!!  Memories!!

I Would Go for this: 

Terry Jacks  – Seasons in the Sun 3.26

What’s That?  You want more of those Good Old Days!!

And this is a real old days singer

Ok Put In: Anita Carter.


(1968) 2.36   

They were a Great Combo: Unfortunately: Anita died in 1999.

Put In:

We Miss Anita Carter 2.12    

OH yes: Those late 60’s  early 70’s. were Great days..

and I have found Johnny Cash, talking about those days, 

on this next recording.

Put In:

ANITA CARTER – Lovin’ Him Was Easier Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again (1972)  3.34

Well; I guess We have come close to the end of another Rays Chat:  And as We are with the CARTER FAMILY, 

Who were a real Big influence on the Folk Scene;  

I will let them have the last song;

Put in:

Carter Family – Dixie Darlin’ 2.42 

So time has rolled on:

We have had some good Old songs in this Rays Chat

We are at the end of another RAYS CHAT.

And We say Goodbye again ,

Till Next time, for the Next Folk Club.

See You There.

Think FOLK.