June 12, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 139

(I know we already have 140 up!!)

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirty Nine

The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi Folks:  

So Where will  We start RAYS CHAT this time?  

Let’s have one of those great Oldies:

Put In.

Jack Greene There Goes My Everything 2.37

Oh YES   Good Song; Long time since I heard it.               

Nice to hear a good voice again.  From the Old Days!

Yes: Lets have another from Jack:

Put In:

Statue of a Fool 2.55                  

And Now Spring is here..  And I want something Laid back to Enjoy with maybe a glass of Something with Sunshine in it:

See if you think this will do:

Chris Norman & Nino De Angelo – Every time I Close My Eyes 4.20  

Well Ok;  some might say It’s NOT Folk.  

But I like it.. and I think it’s worth playing?? YES??

And now I am going to play another Great song.. that Purists might say is Not Folk ..

But I recon YOU will Love this.  I certainly Do..  

Yes it’s JACK.. singing: One of this Very Best Songs:

Put In:

Jack Savoretti – When Your’e Gone (Bryan Adams & Mel C Cover) 3.56.

Well that a real good mixture to Start Us Off.

A couple of Chats ago; I found a singer I did not know:

And here is another from him:

Put In:

Colin Raye – Love Me (Official Music Video) 3.55

Yes quite liked him… 

And We have been lucky enough to see some days with real SUN.   

So? Get  the deck chair out. 

Pour yourself something that reminds you of SunnyHolidays:

And listen to this: Sun shine Music.

Put In:

Laid Back Sunshine Reggae 4.14

Oh Yes  SUNSHINE We need it, after the tough times We have had:

With Floods, and  WARS…….And Here is a some more for you.

Put In:

Bob Marley – Kingston Town 3.48

Oh Lovely Sunshine Music. 

Lets keep the mood.

Put In:

George Zamfir – Panflute – The Lonely Shepherd 4.20

Oh Yes:  Just total Magic..

And now I have found a Father and Son duo singing a very famous song.  Oh you will know the Song: But this is Special

The lad is So Young, and SO Good.  I really liked this.  Hope you do.

Put In:

The Boxer in Two Part Harmony 3.04

Hey: That was good. REAL GOOD!!

Now you know I like to support Street Singers:

And so I am about to play you a real great couple ofstreet singers.

I really like this:

Put In

HIS VOICE IS AMAZING | Wicked Game  – Chris Isaak – 

Alle Sherlock & Jacob Koopman cover 4.53  

Then I found He had made  Recordings, 

And was not so impressed!!

See What YOU Think:

Put In:

Jacob Koopman With or Without You 3.49

NO! Not Me!!  I Liked Him Better as a Street Singer!!

OK Well:


Put in:

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cotton Fields 2.54

Oh Yes a Great Song.   

It’s been many a long day since I heard THAT.  

And here is another Song that I have never                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  had in RAYS CHAT.. Remember this;

Put In:   

Never Let Her Go by BREAD with Lyrics3,05

And Where do We go From Here??  

Well Maybe time to hear a Lady?   And Lets Hearfrom Kate!!

Oh YES.. I have not played Kate this time..

And I miss Her so.

And if you have not heard this song before… 

Well just listen to a lovely laid back Song from long ago:

This really is a superb rendering of this song.

Put In:

Kate Wolf Carolina Pines (1985) 6.01

Superb Song  perfectly sung.  

You will never hear it sung better than that.

And that is the Perfect end to RAYS CHAT 139.

Kate was just the best

Look forward to seeing You All at the Next Folk Club Meeting.