May 29, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 140


The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi Folks: Just looking for Songs I had not heard for a While::

and the Garden is looking good.  So Let’s start with a Sunny Song.

Put In:

Xavia Rudd – Follow The Sun (Official Music Video) 4.19

That’s a Great start; and to follow  I have found a Great Video Song

Just 2 guys on a raft.  Gentle Music, and Great Scenery.

Put In:

Mandolin Rain – Music Travel Love

(Bruce Hornsby Cover) 3.1

Well: That is a Gentle Sunny Start:  I really liked That:  So; Where do we go from here?  How about a real old Folk Song?  

Well this is certainly OLD ..

I learnt it at School When I was about TEN.

Put In:

Suzy Boggus – Shenandoah 3.06

Wonderful Old Song.. and there are so Many versions!!

BUT: Did You Know There is a Group Called Shenandoah??

Well Let’s hear them:

Put In.

The Moon Over Georgia 3.13

I quite Liked That: Nice Sound.. Yes Let’s hear them again.

Put In.

Shenandoah –  Sunday In The South (Video) 3.50

Now Summer is almost here..  And It is So Good to see the Sun

So Let’s have something Laid back, to Enjoy with maybe a glass of Something with Sunshine in it:

See if you think this will do:

Chris Norman & Nino De Angelo – Every time I Close My Eyes 4.20  

Hey: That was good. REAL GOOD!!

Now you know I like to support Street Singers:

And so I am about to play you a real great couple ofstreet singers.

I really like this: They are good.

Put In

HIS VOICE IS AMAZING | Wicked Game  – Chris Isaak – 

Alle Sherlock & Jacob Koopman cover 4.53  

Then I found He had made  Recordings, See What YOU Think:

Put In:

Jacob Koopman With or Without You 3.49

NO! Not Me!!  I Liked Him Better as a Street Singer!!

OK Well: Maybe the song did not suit him??  He has a Great voice.

Perhaps next time???


Put in:

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cotton Fields 2.54

Oh Yes a Great Song.  It’s been many a long day since I heard THAT.  

And here is another Song that I have never had in RAYS CHAT.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .. Remember this;

Put In:   

Never Let Her Go by BREAD with Lyrics3,05

And Where do We go From Here??  

Well I have found a very different version of THE BOXER, being played by the The Zolla Boys..  

It is Quite a while since I played them Last:

And They are good.

Put In

The Boxer – The Zolla Boys 3.31

Yes good to hear how they work together so well.  I liked it.

Now something different.

This is a Musical Version of an ABBA song.

Which I think really works. Great Song..

But I like it as a Musical Piece.  See what You think:

Put In:

QUIQUITITAEscitchia la melodia que excalta’’’’’’5.29

Oh that was good. Really liked that: Let’s keep toMusical 

for our next choice.

Time to sit in your garden with your favourite drink, and put this on.

Put In:

Beautiful Relaxing Music, Peaceful Soothing Instrumental Music, Tropical Shores by Tim Janis

And :  That is Very hard to follow.. We need something VERY Gentle: And: Maybe it is time to hear a Lady?  

And there is one Lady above all others I would like to hear NOW!!

Oh YES ..Lets Hear from Kate!!

I have not played Kate this time..

I miss Her Gentle style and gorgeous voice.  Just listen to this next song: One of the loveliest recordings I know.

If you have not heard this song before…just listen to a lovely laid back Song from long ago:

This really is a superb rendering of this song.  You will never hear it sung better than this.

Put In:

Kate Wolf Carolina Pines (1985) 6.01

Superb Song  perfectly sung.  You will never hear it sung better than that.

And that is the Perfect end to RAYS CHAT 140.

Kate was just the best.

I hope the Sun shines for all of you.  We all need Something good

In these difficult days.