April 8, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 138

Hi Folks

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirty Eight

The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi: Nice to see you at the Club. And as lighter Nights get 

here Maybe thoughts are turning to brighter days to come.

And to start us off; this is a new guy to me..  

He won a Voice Competition in Norway

He Is Singing a Randy Newman Song.  I like him.

Put In:

Feels Like Home- Randy Newman 

(Jorgen Dahl Moe) Cover 4.30

Yes. it is good to find a voice you have not heard before.  

And here is another New Guy to Me: Brett Young. 

See how you like him?  I’ll Watch out for him.

OK Let’s Move on:

Put In:

Brett Young – In Case You Didn’t Know (Official 

Music Video) 3,56

Now for a voice you certainly have heard before

Put In:

Jack Savoretti– Nobody Cept’ You (Bob Dill0n Cover)

Cosmopolitan Quartet Sessions Ont Sofa 3.55

It is quite a while since I first featured Jack; I Liked him then, 

and have watched him Grow into one of the BIG boys.

He is Coming to Birmingham later in the year.

And keeping to New guys: I am liking this.

Don’t Know What Category it is in?  But I like it:

Do you agree with Me:

Put in:

Chris Norman and Nino De Angelo – Every Time 

I Close My Eyes. 4.20

And then just wandering through some of My Young day stuff!! 

I found this. and I just wondered if you’d like it

Put In:



Yes: Maybe We are getting away from Folk:

Well I am now going to choose a song that is not well known,

and it is being performed by one of the Greats of the World.  

Here is   Don MCLEAN.  A YOUNG Don.. and you see him JUST Alone..

No Big Back-up..   I saw him like that and Oh BOY He is good.

Put In:

Don Mclean – Empty Chairs 3.24

HE IS JUST great!!  And, To follow that: We need a Special Lady: 

And here Superb Singer, unfortunately No Longer With Us:

Put In:


A Lady Who was a Superb Singer and Writer of Songs.  

And that: Makes me want to hear More Gentle Songs, 

and One Singer come to mind, and He is also, No longer with Us.;

Put In:

John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders 

(from the Wildlife Concert5.25

And: How do you follow two Greats??   Well It has to be with 

Another Great..  We must Search?  

And Do You Think?  This Guy Is this Good  Enough?

Put In: 

Calum Scott  Rise (Official Video) 3.36

For Me  the Answer is YES I Think Callum  is real Great.

And Now: a real Blast from the Past..

Way back in the 60’s a young lad, Wrote a song, which I still think

is one of the GREATEST: Lets hear it:

Put In: 

I Can’t Help But Wander Where I’m Bound 3.41

Oh Yes: Tom Paxton: I still love that Song:  

And. another on the same Disc: Yes  Lets hear That:

Put In: 

Tom Paxton – Rambling Boy (1964) .4.04

Those two songs are still top favourites of mine.

After all those years.  And YES, You are right:  

We Can’t live in the past.  

But it is good to hear some of the GREATS.

Like this:

Put In:

If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body 3.18

And this is a real Oldie.. Yes dates back into 60’s; 

Reminds Me of Singing round the Camp Fires of my Youth.


Four Campfire 10. 3.58

So: Where to now?

Well How about another Oldie: Oh Yes 

I remember this: Good old song:

Put in:

Jack Green There Goes My Everything” 3.14

It has been a long time since We had a Lady singing. 

so Yes here is a lady: And this is a Lady that is New to Me; 

See what you think?

Put In:

Rhonda Vincent  “When The Grass Grows 

Over Me” 4.25

Yes: Quite liked That 

Now, We have  Just got time for one more Song; 

And I think I would like to hear the glorious voice of 

Kate Wolf to bring this Rays Chat to an end:

Put In:

Close To You 5.5

Just So many Thanks Kate.