March 11, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 137

Hi Folks

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirty Seven

The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Oh Thank the heavens that We have our Club back.

What a night March 2nd was!!  The Quality of the performances 

was real GREAT:  Some Great Songs, 

SO? What is going to be My First Choice this time?

Well let’s have one of the good Oldies!!

Do you Remember this? (No you’re much too young)

Put In:

Peter, Paul, and Mary – Blowing in the Wind 3.00

Oh they were good – They really did help change things.

The 60’s were When Americans became BIG in Folk.

Then an English guy called Paul Simon teamed-Up with 

a guy called Art Garfunkle, and A Song was born that 

REALLY changed the Folk World:

Put In:

Simon & Garfunkle Bridge Over Troubled 

Water (Audio) 4.53

And The whole Folk really took off .. Folk became wider, bigger:

No Longer just Working Man Songs.: 

So we had songs like this:

Put In:

Creedence Clear Water Revival – Have You Ever 

The Rain ((Official) 3.04

Everybody sang it.. superb song,, Yes Even the Old guy did it

Put In:

Willie Nelson and Family featuring Paula Nelson:

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Live) 5.46

There is some real lovely music there, and talking about Rain _

There is another Lady I like a lot, who has a rain song.

Put In:

Alison Krauss –  River in the Rain (Live Version

Now: Lets hear another Lady I am always Happy to hear Anytime!!.

Oh Yes Enjoy THIS:


Norah Jones – Come Away With (Official

Music Video) 3.14

So You might say Is that Folk?.  Well I do not know WHO decides..

But it will certainly  always be welcome in RAYS CHAT.

And whilst still with the Ladies Let’s hear a New Lady..

This Lady won an American Singing Competition:

And: I like Her.  So listen to this:

Put In:

Maddie Poppe – Nothing Good Comes Out 

Of California  3.39  

I think We might be hearing some Great songs from Maddie:

And This also is a new Lady Singer to me..  

I was very impressed with this: I Like her Voice.

Put In:

Joss Stone – Breaking Each Other’s Hearts 3.54

OK: So the Ladies have had their turn: 

I reckon it is time the boys to have a go… 

and this guy is certainly, getting making a VERY BIG impression 

on the Music World:

Put In:

Callum Scott – Rise (Official Video) 3.36  

Ok So We have heard some of the Newer Songs.

BUT: I still remember the days of the Great Irish:

So: Come on; Put your Best singing voice On; 

and maybe wet your voice a little, and give this a Blast:

One of the truly GREAT FOLK SONGS of all time.

Put In:

The Wild Rover – Luke Kelly TheDubliners   2.48  

Oh!! Luke Kelly was always Great.  And tell you what Lets have 

another of those truly Great Irish Pub Songs :

Put In:

And YOU must listen for the Superb Instrumental brilliant stuff.

Carrickfergus – The Dubliners & Jim McCann |

40 years Re-Union: Live from Gaiety (2003) 6.29  

Oh What a Great recording that is??  

And How Do You Follow That?    Well I only know One Man, who

Has the Magic to be able to do it:

Oh Yes.. Finbar Fury, is that Man.

Put In:

“When You Were Sweet Sixteen” FinbarFury 

and Imelda May | The Late Show RTE 4.44

That really has to be one of my Very Special Recordings.

YES: I know I have played it before!!  BUT to Me I never tire of 

Hearing a truly Great Recording.

And now, one of the newer Groups. Here is something different:  

See how you like this 

from a Group that I have not featured for a while:

Put In:

Passenger – Let Her Go 4.15

And now to Finish: lets hear those Pan Pipes. Lay back and

let your thoughts wander to some secret place.

Put In:

Leo Rojas – “Albatross” – Colours of the

Rainbow 2013 4.33

Hope to be with you soon.