February 28, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 136

Hi folks.

RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirty Six

The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Just keep listening to THE MUSIC…. Even though times are still Very

Difficult BUT The MUSIC is still here.. 

So Let’s find something Good to Start with: 

And this still is a real favourite of mine, 

OK it maybe is not FOLK.. But it is a Great tune..

Put In:

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting 

(Official Music Video) 4.22

And now, Let’s have one of the greatest ever Lady Folk Singers.

Sadly No longer with us.

Just listen to this superbly sung, by Kate Wolf.

Put In: 

Close to You. Kate Wolf. 5.56

Yes that was one of the Oldies…That I am always Happy to hear Again.

And Lets stay with the early days; and this was a Great Bob Dillon Song; 

Put In:

Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright – Peter,Paul and Mary 3 .17

That’s from way back.. But it still sounds great to Me.

And I wonder just Where We will wander after THAT?

Well how about letting One the Early Groups sing one of the Great 

early Songs. 

Put In:

500 miles, Peter, Paul and Mary 2.43

They really were one of the Groups that changed Folk forever.

OK; Enough of the Oldies: Here is a new Song to Me.. See how 

you like this:

Put In:

Mumford & Sons – Hopeless Wanderer (Official 

Music Video) 5.14

Well did you like that???? Not really for Me!!

I need convincing that this is FOLK ?

This is more My style!!

Put In: 

Jack Savoretti – Always On My Mind 

(Live at Radio Monte Carlo) 3.16

And How about one of those Great Older Country Songs.. 

Well this one takes a bit of beating:

Put In:

Suzy Bogguss Someday Soon 3.51

Yes: I reckon that’s one of the BEST Songs ever written.. 

and I can tell you, it is a few years Old.

Oh there are some Great Songs just waiting for you to find. 

Lets have another search? Here is a new one to Me. 

Never heard this before.

Put In:

Gary Allen – The One 3.37

Well!! Yes.. I might play that again: But I don’t reckon it would be 

a real Favourite.

And: Now this guy was New to Me. Quite liked him. Yes think I might 

What to hear more of him!! See What you think?

Put In:

Brett Young – In Case You Didn’t Know (Official 

Music Video) 3.56They

Well there you are a Bit of This and then some of That.. 

And I have Not played on of my Top Guys for a while.

So Back to Folk Music. and one of the most famous Songs, with 

One of the best singers EVER: And He has been singing Forever:

First with his Brothers.. The retired and started a Whole NEW Life,

and got better and better.

Put In:

Finbar Fury – Carrickfergus 4.22

Yes; I bet you thought I had forgotten My Old Favourite Finbar??

In Chat 108 I had found a new Instrumentalist: 

LINDSEY STIRLING.. and I liked Her.

and Yes I think it is time We heard Her again:

Put In: 

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Lindsey Stirling 

(Green Day Cover) 2.35 

Or Do You Prefer something peaceful and letting your mind have 

time to meander, 

something more this style? 

Put In:

Leo Rojas – Albatross” – Colours of the Rainbow 2013)

Well; There is Peace for you. And if you liked That… 

See How you like This One??

Put In:

Gregorian – I’ll Find My Way Home  5.00

OK: Maybe NOT Folk.. But Who draws the borderlines?!! 

Where Do We Go from here?? Would you like more of the Gentle Mood?

Well Try this: I have found this Group, Who are New to Me.

It,s a Great Song

See How you like them?

Put In:

A BIRD WITHOUT WINGS : Bressler Trio 4.41

And So We have wandered our way through Another Rays Chat.

I hope that you have maybe heard something New to you

Hope to see you soon.