January 30, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 135

It’s RAYS CHAT Hundred & Thirty Five

The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC. 

Hi folks.

So We had to miss another CLUB due to Covic.

Oh Some Day Soon..  We can have Our  Club Back?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Put In:

Someday Soon – Suzy Boggus (with Lyrics) 3.51

Oh Great Song, always been one of My Top Favourites.

Now how about hearing a New Boy?  

Well He is New to Me.

Put In:

Paolo Nutini  – Better Man (Acoustic)  5.46

Well Yes , I can see We might be hearing More of him

And  There is a New  New Man that is going to be Big; 

Is: Callum Scott.

Put In:

Callum  Scott – Rise Acoustic Live 2.48

Oh YES.  I do like this guy.  I think He is is going to be another  

of these guys like  Ed Sheeram, That have a foot in both 

the Pop and Folk World

And Now Let us hear from a Guy Who was Real BIG in his time.

And this is one of his Songs that I DID NOT KNOW.. 

Yes:  New to me.. See What YOU Think!! 

Put In:

Merle Haggard –“ Sing Me Back Home”  4.36

Well there we have had 3 guys…  

So time to let a Lady  have a go with Something…

And; and There is a Lady Who I would like to hear right NOW.. 

that I have not featured for quite a While: 

Put In

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (Official 

Music Video) 3.14

Oh: That is just So Good.. Thanks Norah.

And Let’s have another Lady,, and this one is new to me:

Put In:

Amy Wadge – Faith’s Song 3.49

Did You Like her?.

We haven’t  heard from Jack  for a while, 

So time I found a Song from Jack.. and I think                          

you might like this?                  

Put In:

Jack Savouretti – Always on My Mind (Live at Radio Monte Carlo) 3.16

So where will we wander now?  Well I think I would like to hear some

Alan Jackson now.

And I think this is one of His Very Best songs:

Put In:

Alan Jackson – Remember When (Official Music Video) 4.26

Oh Yes: Great Song, Great Singer.  And Yes let’s have some more from the days gone by.  And I can tell you THIS next Singer got lots of plays on the radio.. Oh Yes it was a real popular song of it’s day;

Put In:

Red River Valley – Lyrics – Lynn Anderson 4.20    

Yes those were the days, a bit of History. 

Lets see what We can find that some of the New guys are doing:

and this is a New guys to me:  See what YOU think?

Put In:

Wade Hayes – What I meant to Say 3.28

And where will we wander now?  

Well I think in these colder days. I think a song about SUN might be welcome.. and I have had a song come into my mind that you might quite like from the old days:  Great Song. One that I had NOT heard before

Put In:


BARRY GIBB Indian Summer 4.08

Yes; We could All do with a nice holiday in the Sun:  

I would love a month in the Sunny Greek Islands listening to some of the Great Greek Music, Oh Yes; Lie back with a glass of Ouzo, and listen to Something like this:

Put In: 

Lagoon of sighs 5.47

OK: So You don’t think that’s Folk???  Well This is:

Put In:

Rainy Day People – Gordon Lightfoot 2.49

Yes, That was a good Oldie from a guy that was Big in his day.

And these were BIG Names in their day; Peter Paul and Mary . 

They really did have a New sound..  

So ~Which One of their Songs to choose?

Put In:

Peter, Paul and Mary – Blowing in the Wind 3.00

Blowing in the Wind. Was one One of the Great Songs of the 60’s

And then one of my own top favourites Singers from the 60’s was 

Tom Paxton.. superb writer. And a good singer WOW!!

Put In: 

Tom  Paxton. Last thing On My Mind 3.54  

Yes Tom Paxton is probably THE GREATEST LIVING 

FOLK SINGER… Who is also a Great Writer.     

Well that’s it for this Rays Chat.  Let’s hope that We can meet

again Soon.