January 19, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 134

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirty Four

The references I give you are from YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIc.

Hi folks.

Just keep listening to THE MUSIC…. Even though times are still Very Difficult, 

And The Folk Club had to close because of Covic.

BUT The MUSIC is still here..

So Let’s find something Good to Start with:  

And this still is a real favourite of mine, and I have not mentioned this for a while

Put In:

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain 3.11

Yes that was one of the Oldies…and I wonder just Where We will wander after THAT?

Well how about letting “The Old Guy” sing again??

Put In:

Wille Nelson – It’s hard to Be Humble (Official Music Video) 3.47

Well, That’s got Us off to a start.

And there is another Great Oldie, No longer with us, 

that I have not played for a while.  So Let’s have that Super Singer. Right Now!!

Put In:

John Denver – Sunshine on My Shoulders (audio)5.20.

Great Song: Great Singer. 

Those were from times now GONE.  Folk is changing!!!

And So it should:  It is a living story of Life..  

Sometimes I STOP if there is a Street Busker..  Just singing for a few pence.

Or just for the HELL of it.

Put this in:

Ed Sheeran before he was famous – Street Performing 5.30

I have many times heard real good street Music.   

And you see in Ed Sheeran’ s case HE MADE IT!!

And there are a lot of real good guys will be making their mark  

with some Great Songs:

Like this:

Put in:

Callum Scott – You Are The Reason 3.24

Oh Yes: I feel sure that Callum is going to be another of those guys, that 

will have a foot in both WorldsLike Jack Savouretti.. and Lewis Capaldi, 

and Ed Sheeran: 

All With a foot in BOTH WORLDS…  

It is getting More difficult to separate POP from FOLK.                          

And We are having real Great Singers singing new Music..

And whether it is Folk/ or Pop?? Does it matter?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

As long as I love what they are doing:  that’s GREAT by me.

And: What a choice We have Now!!  

Right now I think I would like to hear Something Nice and Gentle. 

And I have found a new version of a Song I have mentioned many times before..

But this is a new version to ME!!

See what YOU think?

Put in:

Celtic Women – Fields or Gold 3.49

Well that sounded pretty good to me..  I think I will be wanting 

to hear THAT version again??   

And when you think that was written by “Sting”..

another Guy with feet in both Worlds..  Well Just WOW!!


And He is a Great performer himself.. YES : Well just listen to this:

Put In:

Sting – Every Breath You Take 4.48

You might say.. IS THAT FOLK??  

Dunno But I like it.. So it’s in Ray Chat.

Oh I feel like listening to one of those Songs that was a real Hit in it’s day;

and still sounds good today..

and is one of those cross the border songs:

It was a Great FUN Sound.  

I remember Three of Us driving through France 

with the Sound FULL ON playing this and the three of Us singing with them!! 

Oh FUN Days!!

Put In: 

Pussycat – Mississipi 4.33

My friends had given Me the job of making the tapes for Our Journey..

and THAT was one of the Songs.. .. 

And this  was another:

Put In:

Sanfrancisco – Scott Mckenzie  3.02

OH Memories!! Great 70’s Music.

And another Great one from those days was 

Put In:

The Mamas and Papas – Californian Dreamin 2.37

Oh!!   So many Great Songs just there waiting for Us to listen to. 

And I have been the Lucky guy to have lived in times when recording became good.

So I have the Joy of being able to listen to Memories of Oh so long ago..  

Songs I have loved over years are THERE for me to hear again..

Like this:

Put in:

Four Strong Winds  Ian and Sylvia 3.29

A recording from a very long time ago:   

Just a lovely Song sung simply.. No gimmicks. 

So somehow We have ended  listening to Oldies I love.

And here is another that I never get tired of listening to;  

t will always be one of my favourites.

Put in:

Kate  Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12

So here We are  near the end of this Rays Chat.  We have had Something Old 

and Something New.  I think the Folk Scene is changing; and I like it!!

And as We are a Folk Club – 

let’s End with some Songs We can all join-in with:

And Here are some of the Best Chorus Songs Ever.

Put In:

25 of The Best Irish Pub Songs Vol 2 Full Album 1.07

Yes: I think there are Great Folk times Coming