January 3, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 133

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirty Three

The References are from YOU TUBE “Folk Music”

Hi folks

So We are in 2022. And Things are not looking so good  with Covic Still  Ruling                                 Our lives:  I am sure ,like Me, You have missed the Shirley Folk Club that had to close Due to Covic!!  Somehow We have to keep our SpiritsUP..

So just listen to THIS:

The Simple Parade //Hallelujah (Live Cover)  4.43  

I liked that;

And now Where should we wander?? In these uncertain times We need something !!?

Cheerful!!  Try This:  

Put In:

Every Breath You Take – The Police (Gospel Cover)ft .Vonzell Solomon 3.37

And now  I am going to play a version of one of the Greatest Folk Songs ever written.. Yes ; going back to the 70’s  It caused a sensation Then.. 

and is still one of the Best Ever Songs.  Well that’s what IThink.  

And this version I have not heard before!!  

Put In:

Alison Krauss, Shawn Colvin, Jerry Douglas The Boxer Live 5.51

And I have to say I DO like that version. YES: well m you know, I do rate Alison.

So: Maybe in this time that is difficult for all of us.. It may be agood time to remember some of the Great Singers and Songs of Previous Years.

And one of the Gentlest and truly Great Singer that I miss is Kate Wolf.

She was a Superb Singer of Gentle Songs: and I Do miss Her Lovely Gentle Voice.

Let us Remember Her singing this:

Put In:

Kate Wolf Green Eyes 5.12

I really Do miss Kates lovely gentle singing.

But Life goes On.. AND Recently I found this: “Forever Autumn”.. 

And it has got me HOOKED!!

There is just Something About this that Has GOT Me..  

HAVE to Play it Again!!  Go on Try it!!

What Do you think?

Put in:

Lake of Tears  Forever Autumn 4.22

Ok. Maybe it’s NOT Folk!!.. BUT A GREAT SONG

and the Video is one of the best ever.

And this World of “Almost Folk” has some wonderful songs to explore:

Like this:

Put In:

BLAKE – Vide Cor Meum 5.01

One of My Joys writing RAYS CHOICE is:  When I FIND a New Singer to ME!

And THIS Guy was one of my recent Finds.. 

and I do like this version of a song you will have heard many times.  

It has been sung by hosts of people including Elvis. 

Put In:!

Unchained Melody  sung like You’ve NEVER Heard4.32

The Guys name is AUSTIN BROWN

And as We move into another New Year..  

It is a time, Maybe for Me to Remember some of the Great times I have been lucky to have experienced.. 

And one of the real Greats.. was the night When Joni Mitchell came to THE JUG OF PUNCH..  Wow!!  What a night!!   Lots couldn’t get in.

And one of the Songs That She Sung that night was:

Put In:

The Circle Game 4.51

That was All A Very Long time Ago, But that is still one of the BEST EVER Folk Songs ever written.

YES The ‘Whole World Has changed: and changed.. and is still changing.

Folk Music and Pop; are now, at times  So much closer together.

When you have guys like Ed Sheering, with a foot in both camps :

That spends weeks in the Popular Music charts.. 

But can also FILL any Folk Venue He cares to perform in!!

And famous guys, like “Sting”, That have a firm foot in both camps.  

And if you don’t believe THAT??  

Just listen to him Singing a Song HE wrote!!

Put In:

Sting – Fields of Gold 4.07

And Then there is My Own Favourite Jack Savouretti.  

He has grown to be a Top liner since I first started featuring him,

And if you want to know Just How good He is… 

Just listen to this workshop session.. just him!! 

No gimmicks. No editing WOW!!

Put in:

JACK SAVORETTI / Singing to strangers.  He has grown to be a  Top Liner since I first started to feature him.

Another Sad Loss of a Great Lady of Folk Who died in 2021.Was 

Nanci Griffith.  

She was one of My favourite Singers.

And I think it would be good to hear one of her Very Best Songs:

Put In:

Nanci Griffith – Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness4.49

BUT: That was all History:

It is LOOK FORWARD TO What’s in Future TIME?:

I wonder Who Will be The Next Great Guys, and Ladies, Imight be chatting about 

this time Next Year???

One: I am sure I will still be talking about is Jack Savouretti.

And have you heard that Guy WHO Won one of those TV Singers Competitions, 

His Name CALLUM SCOTT.  He is good.  

I think we will be hearing from him in the Folk World: 


And there lots of other Real Good Guys  moving in this New World of FOLK/POP.

Oh Yes there are going to be some real good New Guys  making 

Happy Sounds for Us all to Enjoy in 2022.

Yes: I think there are Great Folk times Coming