October 23, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 129

It’s Rays Chat

One Hundred & Twenty Nine.

Hi Folks.

Hello Again. And it’s busy times. 

Then it will be Bonfires, and We will be hearing those Fireworks

Again!!  And for some maybe they will still have a GUY to Burn! On the Bonfire.??

But; I do wonder How many People remember WHY We have Bonfire

Night..  It is totally BRITISH!!     No . The Yanks Don’t have it.

Put In:

What Is BONFIRE NIGHT – British Traditions and

Culture 3.12

So much for the history lesson..

Yes it is Autumn and in the OLDE days it would have been FOG and maybe even Snow to sing about. 

Now: it’s Falling Leaves

And I guess You’ve heard you’ve heard all the Autumn Falling Leaves sort of song.

So Where do We go from here?.

This SONG Really is:  is one of the very best Autumn Songs I Know

Put in:

Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold 4.45

And that reminds me of another song sung by a Lady..

Oh this was from a long time ago; Joan Baez:

From; when She was just starting Her folk singing..and now She is Retired:  Superb Song:

Put In:

Sad Eyed  lady of the lowlands – Joan Baez 11.10

This song is from the ‘60s.  And is one of the Longest Folk Songs I know.

And still staying in the Past.  

The next Song choice is also from the ‘60s. Sung by the Original Kingston Trio:  Who were really THE TOPS..

They were one of the Top Groups of the World

Put in .

String Along with Kingston Trio When I Was Young Vynyl 2.

And I just found that Jack has been studying some History. 

Yes He went a walk round ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS.  


Put In:

Jack Savouretti – Too Much History AtAbbey Road Studios 4.04

Then in April 2021 Jack recorded this:

Put In:

Jack Savouretti – Soldiers Eyes (SlowedReverb3.25

WOW!! I Just Love Jack Singing This.

And I have not featured Alison for a While, 

And, Yes I think it is time that we heard Her.

Put In:

You’re Just A Country Boy by Alison Krauss 3.26

And: So? Where Do We Go from Here?

Well; Do You Remember This One.  Great Song

Put In:

Kansas – Dust In The Wind (Official Video} 3,19

Oh Yes: It is good to hear that again.

And Now: Do you fancy a CowBoy Song?

and this is a New Song to me

Put In:

Brookes and Dunn – the Cowboy Rides Away

Legenadado PTBR 3.14 

I don’t usually Play the more Pop ..kind of singers.

BUT this Guy WON one of those Talent Shows.  And He is singing more towards Folky Songs.  And I do like Him.

This was the first of His records that I really Liked:

See What YOU Think?  

Put In:

Callum Scott – You Are The Reason (Official Video) 3.24

I have to admit that I like this guy a lot.

He has just brought out a New Album , and I thought You might like to hear a track from the New  Album:

Put In:

Callum Scott Rise (Lyric Video) 3.36

Yes: I think We are going to hear more of Callum.

And Now: I have found two new guys.  I Have Never heard them before:

But I Do like their Singing:

Put In:

2 Guys Sing A Classic By The Pool 5.12


His name is AUSTIN BROWN

YES I RATHER THINK THAT We will be hearing MORE from Him.

Yes: The Final Song is going to be by Him.  

But: I mean I think He Will become a Big name.

So here We are getting down the page of another RAYS CHAT.

And I have this New Guy singing a Great Old Song I am sure You

Will know:  See what You think??  I think He does it rather Well;

Put In:

Unchained Melody sung like you’ve NEVER Heard! 4.32

I liked it.

So Until the Next Rays Chat .

Think FOLK