October 9, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 127

It’s Rays Chat One Hundred & Twenty Seven.

Hi Folks:

Here ‘we are in Our New Home, on a New night:

But thank Goodness we have got lots of the Old Gang still here.

And. We, Welcome to any New Comers.  

Here is a Welcome Song.                

Put in:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Peters and Lee  Welcome Home 3.49

When The Club was New: One of the Folk Groups that was Also new was The American Folk Group: Peter, Paul and Mary:  

And They were a regular feature at the Club:  

So Let’s Start with Them!!

Put in:


And Now Maybe this will be a Welcoming Home Song!!:

Put In;

Nice to Have You Back Again. Joyce Bond 4.16

BUT: There is one Guy, Who was always one of the Club Favourites: And He has the Right Song for thisOccasion:

Put In:

John Denver – Back Home Again (From “The Wild Life Concert” 5.04

OH yes; John Denver was always a favourite in the Club’ And

Most weeks One of His Songs would be featured.

And more and more new Guys: American andCanadians were making Great records: Folk was Changing!, Fast!  With some Great songs being written: And this was One of the Best

Put IN:

IAN TILSON: Four Strong Winds (Canadian Classic) 3.55

This song has always been one of my own favourites:  It is a Truly GREAT Song

Folk Who have known the Club from earlier days; will remember that in those earlier days; 

The Club used to end the evening with a Sing Song 

Led by BARRY and ED.  And one of their Songs was requested Over and Over!!  

THE Song Was called “My Eldorado”.   

I really liked the Song.. And it was NEW to me!!  

All my years  Folk Clubbing I had NEVER Heard that SongBefore Barry Sang It.   And I liked it. 


Then One Day  Magic had Happened!!:  YOU TUBE Had it.  

A Folk Club down in Devon had sent in a recording of One of their Folk Nights; and this is it:

So For Guys that have been Shirley Folk Club Members for Many Years:

This is a trip down Memory LaneFrom RED LION Days.

Listen to Eldorado.
Put In:

Ian Bruce & Stewart Hardy – My Eldorado (Cramlington Folk Club) 7.31 

OH I was real Glad to hear that Song again as it brought back Memories of some Great Nights at the Old Red Lion Club.  

YES I am pleased to have been able to give you a very good version of THAT Song. Enjoy Eldorado.

Oh Yes Early days memories of the Old Red Lion Club.

One of the Best of the New American Groups; that were very strong in 60s 70s.was THE KINGSTON TRIO. 

They sold lots of Records. And one of their real Big Hits was their recording of Pete Seegers, 

Where have all the Flowers Gone”.  

Oh That Song : It was SO BIG!!  It became the Anthem of the AMERICAN PEACE MOVEMENT.

Put In:

Where Have All The Flowers Gone by the Kingston Trio 1962 3.04

And one of the first persons to Sing It. Was Joan Baez.  Joan has had a long singing career; only recently retiring. Yes!! She started at 19.

If you want to hear Joan singing  that Song.    

It’s  there on You Tube.  Oh Memories. Of Days aLong time Ago.

BUT We can’t Live in the Past. Folk IS Live:  And It is the Young That must keep Folk Alive.. With new voices,  New Songs. 

And looking around I found a New Lady singer: 

She WON an American Talent Show; and 

Then made This Record.

Put In

Maddie Poppe – Nothing Good Comes Out of California 3.39      

I really liked That:  I think She’ll Go Far.

Yes one to watch out for.

And now here is a blast from the Past for you.

I found this:  

A VERY YOUNG Looking Garth Brookes, singing his version of

Of: If Tomorrow:  


If Tomorrow Never Comes – Garth Brookes3.41

And: somehow: All the space has been used-up..

Just leaving Us witht space left for One More Song: 

And as a Great Lady Singer has died fairly recently:RAYS CHAT has featured many times

Let’s Remember Her; and end with one of her best songs:

Put in:

Nanci Griffith –  Speed Of The Sound Of Lonliness 4.49