September 12, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 126

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twenty Six 

Hi Folks;

So Here We are in our NEW HOME.  And How Good it is to see you all:

It’s been a LONG time.  Let’s start to ENJOY life Again.

Welcome to the NEW Shirley Folk Club.

OK It’s Wednesday Now.. But Maybe that’s a Good Move..

Leaves the Weekend Free for all you other Goings On!!

And And as a Last tribute

in the FOLK WORLD..

The Sad News is that NANCI GRIFFITHS. DIED IN 2022 AGE 68.

Superb Singer:  I have played Her many times.

And as a Last tribute

Put In:

Nanci Griffith – It’s a Hard Life 4.27 

Keep listening to Folk Music..  and as We are talking about an Older Singer  And Nanci was real good.  Let’s have a good Older Male Singer:Put In:Merle Haggard-My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 2.53

Yes that was good. Merle really was One of the Most famous of the new American Singers.

I think We will have another from Him: AND there is a Lady with a famous name singing with him, on this next

recording?   I wonder if you Remember Her?

Put In:

Merle Haggard & Tammy Wynette “Today I Started

Lovin’ You Again” 3.10 

Merle Haggard died in his Home on his 79th Birthday; April 2016. 

That was the sort of sound the Americans were making: 

In the  late 60’s 70’s. 

But: over our side the Water.. 

There were still Working Songs being sung. In the Clubs

And; I reckon it is a long time since We had a REAL  Folk Song 

About Those Working Life??  Songs. 

So: The next song, is a real  Irish tale of the hard days.                   

Sort of like a History Lesson in Song:  

This is a tale of the real Working Mans life in those Olde Days.

Put In:

Working Man – The Dubliners 4.53 

They were real hard Old Days and tough living days:

No One could hope to live Much past 60. 

But so much for the Weepies!!   Big Change Now:  

Lets hear a Cowboy Song:Put in:The Last Cowboys Song – Ed Bruce (Lyrics English – Spanish).                                                                                                                                         

OK: Let’s CHEER-UP  a bit!! 

NOW: Let’s have Something Different!!  – VERY DIFFERENT

Put In:

Nitty  Gritty Dirt Band – Catfish John 4.08


YES: It was None other than one of MY Favourite Ladies!!


Now: ATTENTION!!  this is a History Lesson: 

Way back in the 60’s a bunch of American College Guys, 

at Wesleyan University in Connecticut: formed a Folk Group, 

and: they called themselves THE HIGHWAYMEN

And they made some records. One of which became quite Famous:  MICHAEL ROW THE BOAT ASHORE  

Yes You can Hear it: It is available on YouTube:

Put In:

The Highwaymen – Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) 2.44  

I bought that record: and thought it was a Great Song. 

OH: BUT THEN: Years later a group of American Folk Singers got together and called themselves..  THE HIGHWAYMAN. !!!

 And: YES: They did become very famous.   

You Know Them;  We have played Many of THEIR songs on Rays Chats.

BUT: Needless to say, the Original Group Did not like having their name pinched!!!… Law and So  On:  But it got settled!! Somehow.  

And that is the History lesson over for today.                        

Now: Let Us comeback over Our side the water. Where Our Folk Clubs 

In the 60s. were still very much into the  True story” sort of Folk Songs.

Telling about life in the Olden days:  

Put in:

Luke Kelly Black Velvet Band 4.02

Oh Memories, Memories.

Luke was One of the Very Best Singers I ever heard Live: 

He had a Fabulous voice:  He did not need Microphones OH NO!! 

And this was, I think,  One of his very Best Folk Songs.  

Put in:

Luke Kelly: Dirty Old Town (1976) 3.45.

This truly Great Song was written by Ewan McCol. 

Ewan McColl was  a quite prolific writer; and many of his songs can be found on YOU TUBE.  Well worth having a search!!.

One of his Greatest songs that was World famous is:

Put in:

Roberta Flack – First time Ever I saw your face 1972 

But Folk was his real love. With Songs Like SHOAL OF HERRING & “Dirty Old Town”: When He told of the hard life people had in those old days.. 

Great Folk Songs.

NOW: Just Look How the time has flown, and once again it is time 

To think of a final Song:

And  saying “How time has Flown”  Has reminded me of one of the finest Folk Songs of all time .  (Well for me that is),

SO; Put in:

Where the time goes – Kate W 5.36  

Oh: I find that Just “Magic”  

Think FOLK