September 8, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 125

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twenty Five

Hi folks;

I thought We would start this Chat with a real old Scottish Folk Song.


Karan Kasey & James Taylor – The King’s Shilling 3.57

That is real History for You; that is a Scottish!! Version;

There are Irish versions as well.  

It is a song of the days of “Press Gangs”..  Take the Shilling!!  AND You Were in the Navy, or Army.Which ever Gang it was

OR. Do Something Wrong and  you would be sent Off to AUSTRALIA.

One of the Very Best Prison Ship Songs is This:


The Fields of Athenry (1991 Version) 4.38

And this was a True Story,

YES: they sure were tough days to live-in.

BUT !!  AWAY with this sad stuff.

Here is one of the Great USA Folk Groups…

There were so many Guys in this Band, That were Famous?

I Wonder if You could name them:?

Put In;

The Highwaymen – City of New Orleans 4.57

BUT: Did You know This:

There was an Earlier Folk Group called THE HIGHWAYMEN.

And: They DID NOT Like having their name STOLEN.!!  By this new lot!!

Yes: There was: Lots of Legal going-on.. But it got sorted.

And SO: Here is the 1960 HIGHWAYMEN.  

I WONDER How many of you ever heard THIS?

Put In: 

The Highwaymen – Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) 2.44

It was a Great Song:   We used to sing it round the Scouts Camp Fire.. Memories!!  OH Those  60’s !!!

Another Great Song from that Early 60’s period; was by a Top Selling American Group.. Who really brought new sound to Folk.  When We Clubbers first heard this sound We were captivated!!

It was So Different to most folk at those days:

Put In:

The Mamas & Papas – California Dreaming 2.37.

BUT Enough of those Old Days:

Let’s see what some of the Newer boys are doing?  

And one of the newer guys, I rather like: Has recorded this:

Put in:

Jack Savouretti | Soldiers Eyes 3.37

Oh Yes!! Jack I really like that.

And now Something Different: Here’s a  Pretty tune for you:

Put In:

Sukkel se wels 2.02

Now that’s sounds to me, very much like

“How Much Is That Doggie in the Window??”

Oh!! I wonder if any of you Remember THAT ?

Away with Nonsense.  

Let Us listen to One of the Real Great Folk Songs:

And this is being sung by a Lady (No longer with us).

This Lovely Lady with a superb voice.  Was, One of MY favourite singers. And the backing is just wonderful.

Put In:

Where the time goes – Kate W 5.26

It truly is a lovely Folk Song

And: An amazing thing is: That Another Lady (No longer with Us)

Came-up on You Tube: So I have just got to have this:
Put In:

Eva Cassidy – Field of Gold 4.45

Oh That  is just a perfect rendering of Stings Glorious Song.

NOW? how can you follow those Two lovely ‘Folk Singers?

Well  I wonder if you will think that This is a suitable Choice?

Here is a song that maybe you might not have heard before:  

A group of Folk Singers got together – Each One was well known in his own right. and they and called themselves: AMERICAN OUTLAWS. 

And they went off to the Nassau Festival and made this recording;

Put In:

Sunday Morning Coming Down (American Outlaws Live at Nassau Coliseum 1990,) 4.35 

Yes: I thought YOU might like it??. Did you know the Singers??

Now We are getting down the page; 

And there is one Singer, who has always been popular with the Club: That I have not mentioned yet.

So I guess this is the right time to Play This:

Put in.

John Denver – Back Home Again (from the Wildlife Concert) 5.04

So we still have time for one more song:  

And there is one guy that has been singing from the early 60’s  

Superb Singer Writer; who is still singing.  And I really think WE Should remember the Great work He has done over the years.  

I am talking about TOM PAXTON.

This is the very first song I ever heard Tom Paxton sing:

Put in:

Tom Paxton – I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound  3.44

Well that’s it for this time: Looking Forward to When The Club can be LIVE Again.