July 16, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 124

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twenty Four

Hi folks;

Here We are in Summer….But we don’t seem to had much Summer weather.. I Remember in the old days it was SUN every Summer

 (so Memories say)!!!

So Let Us have a Summer Song to Start with? 

AND: I think this could be the one! 

Put In:

Cliff Richard – Here Comes Summer 2.18

Oh Memories of the ‘60s

Somehow the sun always seemed to be shining then!!

And we danced to Songs Like:

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie (1967) 2.57

Oh!! THAT Song was SO BIG.

And now another song from those Early days

Put In:


Yes: Great Song.. 

Oh those Kingston trio really were Real TOPS!!.  

One of the first Folk Groups to Really Make it Big.  AND: Yes: and they lasted, although with different Line-Ups.   

And John Stewart, a One Time Kingston Trio Member, will be our farewell singer!!

Here’s another Oldie for you.  And Historical:  I found this recording of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan from Early days.

And since Joan has recently retired. I thought  You might like this:

Put in:

JOAN BAEZ – SINGS WITH DYLAN-1963, 1982.(7 DE 9)

Well: There you are; We have Had a real trip Down “Memory Lane”.

But it is time to move-On: YES, Let’s move to something 

MORE Today!!

And Maybe something for the Ladies:  

Yes ! Here is a nice Gentle Song.

Put In

Blake – Yo Te Voy A Amar – (I’ll make Love To You) 3.59

Now Where will We wander? ..  

I think We will Have a Lady Now:   

Put in:

Emmylou Harris together again 3.52

Well there you are Great Singer.. 

and YES I reckon I would like another Lady right Now…  

And well We can’t Do better than Alison:

Put in:

You’re Just a Country Boy by Alison Krauss 3.26

That is one of my favourite Ladies and Here is another one:

Put in:

Katie Meluha  – Piece by Piece 3.41

Ok: Maybe She is not real Folk:  But Wow!! She can Sing 

And Now:  here is a Folk Song. That I played you OH a Long time ago.. Two Lads. who were only young when they made this record..

Yes I think Let’s Hear them again:

Put IN

I Heard the Bluebird Sing 2.38

Yes that was a while ago.  And here to follow; is

This is the latest offering from the much more Grow-up lads:

Put in:

Age – The Zolla Boys 3.18

Ok Let’s move on:

Perhaps you are thinking of those Holidays You Might have had if things had been different!.

And maybe will still have in future years.  

Maybe those Greek Islands?

Put in:

Vicky Leandros  I’ve seen Love (kaimos) 4.02

Or: Is This more the thing You were thinking of?:

Something South American?

Put In:

AMIGOS || South American Music || Sanjuanito

Or:   Do you just want to rest in your garden:  With your Music

Well: pour your favourite tipple, and relax with this:

Put in:

Amore Eterno 4.52

WOW!!   Just Great Music,,, 

And now to finish this Rays Chat: 

I am going to play a singer Who was New to Me.As a solo singer.. 

I knew him as one of the Kingston Trio –

When He was one of them for a while for a while.

Then He went Solo:  

And sang this next song.  GREAT SONG:


And I just think this is THE BEST version that I know:

So for Our Goodbye Song this time;

Put In:

“Chilly  Winds”- John Stewart – Rare 1973 Single 3.27

We have wandered our way to the end of another Rays Chat; 

We really have wandered through some of the Great Songs; from Early days.

I hope you have a nice day.