July 6, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 123

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twenty Three

Hi folks;

I hope that you are finding ways to enjoy life.. 

Even on miserable days, there are always The good things you can dream about..  And YOU TUBE, is a wonderful friend, that can take you to dreamland, with Songs from just Everywhere:

And what better song to start with:

Put In:

Kris Christofferson – for the good times (1970) 3.25

Well that’s what we have got to hope for THE GOOD TIMES.

And Sunny Days,  When We can meet with our Friends. And 

Enjoy More music like this:

Put in:

Paris Texas Super 8  Scene with  Cancion Mixteca 7.01

Yes: I know I have played it before; But it is just So Good.

And  I think this time I am going to roam around quite a bit.. 

Something is saying  Folk History to me; 

Well this next Lady is real Folk History.:

Put In;

We Miss Anita Carter 2.12 

She was one of the Early Birds of Folk and Country Music.

One of the Carter family – who Almost Started Country.

You could have heard Her singing Songs like this in the Early Days:

Put In:


And Another superb song from earlier days is this:

Sung by a lady who died much too young; 

One of the Best ever voices ever. Just listen to this

Put In:

Kate Wolf –  Who Know Where the Time Goes (1983) 5.5

And to follow that:  Oh Where will We go?

Well: Let Us have a very ancient American Folk Song..

It goes way back, Origin Unknown, and there are many versions and different words.: But I like THIS one:

Put in:

Shenandoah 3.00

Yes  a real ancient Song… 

And  A guy called Asher Quinn did his Own version that you might like: 

It is extended with lovely pictures.  it’s different.

Put In:

Shenandoah – Asher Quinn 6.46

Ok Lets have another American Song:

Put in:

George Strait – Amarillo By Morning (Live from the Astrodome) 2.57

And the next Singer That Day was this guy, singing this:

Put In:

Alan Jackson – “Remember When”- Live


OK: So that’s  a  little bit of America Folk.. 

Now let’s come back to UK.  And We have a great fund of  Oldies: GREAT OLDIES.   Here is one of them: A Great old Scottish Folk Song:

Put In:

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond – Ella Roberts 4.40

A Very old song and beautifully sung.

We have a Great wealth of Ancient Songs;  But these days they rarely get sung on the radio. Songs like this:.

Put in

Laura Wright – Skye Boat Song 4.41

Just a lovely song, beautifully sung.

And After Laura fiished,  This started playing

Put In:

Karan Casey & James Taylor- The Kings Shilling 3.56

And THAT is a song I Had never heard Before.

It is Well worth spending a bit of time searching YOU Tube.

And, as I was doing just that:   

AND: This lovely song came-up..   OK It is not Folk!

It is a song from my young days, that I Remembered so Well. 

I have to say I was a Great Fan of this guy.  

OK He is not Folk..  

He was one of a Great Group,  

Oh Yes memories of Great times long gone:

I do hope that you like this:

Put In;

Black Sheep Boy:  Scott Walker 1968 2.46

Ok; We are wandering out of Folk.. 

and I have found this a mix of two songs on guitar?

Put in:

Zorbabba 3.29

Yes  that worked for me.  Something different.

And just look: 

We have got all this way and I have not mentioned 

Alison Krauss even ONCE!!   

So Let Us remedy that right now:

Put in:

Alison Krauss – You Don’t Know Me 4.19

Thanks Alison

And let Us got back to the early days and remember this song from

The Kingston Trio:

Put In:

The Kingston Trio – Try To Remember 3.09

And now just time for one more song: 

Ian and Sylvia were one of the Greatest Duos in those Early days: 

So  Let us end this Rays Chat:

And it just has to be:

Put In:

Someday Soon , Ian and Sylvia Tyson 1964  2.20

So: We have come to the end of another Rays Chat; and We really have wandered through some Great Songs; I hope you have a nice day.