June 25, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 122

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twenty Two| 

Hi folks;


The weather is getting warmer (Well Some Days!!}

Ad We need that Sun: So We can sit in the garden in the Sun.

And.  Here is some Sunny Music to listen to:

Put In:

EL Ultimo Trago 3.47.

Oh Yes!! I like that nice Cheerful Music;  It sets the mood for This Rays Chat.  Although I haven’t a Clue What the guy is singing about.

And next I have chosen a song that you can sing along to!!

Oh  this is Memory Lane stuff:

Put In.

Red River Valley  – Lyrics – Lynn Anderson 4.20

And whilst that you are in a good mood: 

Let us remember the good old days of Folk. The 60’s/70’sWere when Folk really took off!!!

Here is one of the GREAT OLD SONGS.

This was the KINGSTON TRIO:  At their BEST, 

And they really were One of the Most Famous Groups in the 70’s .

Put in:

Kingston Trio  Chilly Winds 4.04

Don’t bother with the rest of the Chat – it does go on a bit.

AND  WHY are We talking about Chilly Winds?

 – When It’s the SUN We all need:

So Lets think of that Exotic Holiday You always Wanted, BUT Never Had.

Maybe to some Exotic  Island and hear Music like this:

Put In:

Leo Rojas – Der einsame Herte Oh(Video Clip) 3.57

Oh what a fabulous Artist Leo is on those pipes – 

There are lots more of him on You Tube, if you would like more.

And: Maybe you have wished that you could Escape to some exciting place; and have music like this played:   Well You can dream.

Put in:

The  Sound of Silence by Wuauquikuna | Panflute | Toyos 4.54

We can’t live in Dreams

Back to Folk Singing. 

And I think it’s time to let Alison sing for Us?

Put In:

Alison Krauss & Union Station – “The Lucky One” Live 3.14

And there is another Lady I have been listening to since early days; 

I really like Her and YES I think it’s time to hear Her Again:

Put in:

Nanci Griffiths – Speed of the Sound of Loneliness 4.49

Oh that is a Great Song:   thanks Nanci.

Another of my favourite Ladies;  from Early Days

I have not played for a while:

Put In:

Dolores Keane – The Wind that Shakes the Barley 4.31

Oh and thinking of Ladies with Superb voices: 

Two come to mind: Unfortunately both are no

 with Us any longer.  

The first is Kate Wolf

Put -This In:

The Wind Blows Wild – Kate Wolf 5.47

The other Lady I was thinking about was: Eva Cassidy:

And to me; No one else has ever sung that song that ‘Sting’ wrote:

Better than Eva

Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold 4.45

Well that has been a lot of Ladies singing for Us: 

And now;  Lets have a change of mood!! 

I have a song in my mind: Oh it is old, 

and it is being sung by the man that wrote it

Put in:

The Shoals of Herring sung by Ewan McColl 3.53

Yes: you are right!!  Ewan McColl, was the guy that wrote

Dirty Old Town.

What’s that?  You would like to hear that now.. OK.

Put In:

Dirty Old Town – Luke Kelly & the Dubliners 3.44

Oh well Now you have me going.. Yes into real Folk… 

So Where next?

Well We are with The Dubliners and one of their best is this:

Put in:

The Dubliners – Black Velvet Band 4.30

Now you have me going:  Oh those Old Folk Songs: 

See how you like this:

Put In:

The Fields of Athenry (1991 Version) 4.38

A true story of vey Hard times superbly sung.

And now for our last song:  I Know I have played THIS before.. 

But it a superb song so beautifully sung.

And is Well worth hearing again.

Put In:

“When You Were Sweet Sixteen” – Finbar Fury 

and Imelda May The Late Show 4.44   

Time has caught-up with Us Again.  

So It’s Goodbye until The next RAYS CHAT

Keep Smiling and one day .We will all be together Again..