June 7, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 121

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twenty ONE

HI folks.

And The GOOD NEWS Is…  That it looks like We will be able to Start the Club Again In SEPTEMBER ..

Oh that will be So Good. To hear your voices and see your friendly faces.  Oh Yes that is something to look forward to.

AND: in the meantime The “Virtual Folk Club” is doing GREAT.

And: Here is something a bit  Different to start this Chat with

Put In:

Take on me (Acoustic) Deadpool 2 – A -ha Lyric  video 3.37

OK: So, NO, it’s not Folk?? But It is different.

Well I liked it.  And thought You might like it.

And I know You want some Folk.  

Well this is Folk:  and, it’s back to Early days.

And one of the first American Group to hit British shores


They were one of the Best of the Early Days groups, and this is one of their Early Songs:  

This was really a very BIG hit for them: and was recorded way back in 1958: They were one of the first of the BIG SELLING GROUPS

Put In:

The Kingston Trio – All My Sorrows 2.51

YES. Really was Early days.      

What’s that? You want to hear something Newer!

YES : OK  if you search YOU TUBE You will find 

this?  A lovely Lady Who never fails to please!!

Put in:   

Alison Krauss – Losing You (Live Version) 2.54

She is So good.  Thanks Alison.

And here is another Favourite Lady; I have not played for a while:

She never fails to Please Me AND I am Loving this:

Put In: 

Norah Jones Help Me Make it through The Night Slow. 4.06

Oh Yes: Norah: You can sing to me anytime!!

And; Now Where Do We go From Here?

I think another from Norah might be a good idea?

Put in:

Norah Jones – Come – Away – With Me (Official Music Video) 3.14

Now: Well, I kind of like THIS.. Yes, I know it’s  An Oldie:  

But it is good OldieSee what You think?:

Put in;

Waylon Jennings & Anita Carter – No One’s gonna Miss Me 1.27

They were good together, and it’s a nice song.

Ok: I think it is time We had a Duo sing for Us?

And this Group  really have made a Big name for themselves;

Put in;

Passenger | The Way That I Love You (Official Video) 2.54

They are a very successful Group and are on tour right now.

And Now let’s  hear this: 

Put in:

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Catfish John4.08

HEY!!  Now just kook WHO is part of that Band??

None other than Alison Krauss Herself..Is She “Moonlighting”?

So Far: We haven’t had any Sunny Holiday Music…

And I need the sun, Don’t We All?

SO: lets go find some Sunny Music:

And THIS really makes ME feel ready to pack my bag.

But I guess it won’t be THIS  year.

Put In:

Costa Cordalis – Eleni 3.34

Now doesn’t that make you feel you feel Better?

And: One day When maybe you can go to aGreek island..

You are almost guaranteed to meet up with Zorba

Put in:

Zorba El Griego 4.03

And as you go into a Greek Taverna..

it will be music like this you might hear;

Put In:

Perigiali  Mikis – Theodorakis 4.07

Oh those wonderful Holidays We hoped for.

holidays; We could not have??.

Remember How it used to be?

Put In;

Summer Holiday (2003 Remaster) 2.09

Ha Ha…Oh Memories.

So: Until the time comes When W can all travel Freely to Where We find our Happiness..  Make your Garden you place of Peace:

Put in:

Jimmy Rodgers – English Country Garden 3.04

So: We have come to the end of another Rays Chat; and We really have wandered through some Great Songs; 

I hope you have a nice day.