April 24, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 118

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Eighteen

HI folks;

So: better days are here; and maybe you are even thinking of Holidays???  Boris is saying restrictions might be lifted July time??!!   YES! Perhaps you might think of Somewhere in the sun; on a golden beach: Listening to something like this:

Put In:

Jump In The Line – Shake Senora – Steel Rhythm Band – Steel Drums – Calypso Soca – Harry Belafonte 2.25

But:  Still Restrictions!!?? And Flying!!??Maybe NOT SO GOOD

Perhaps better to stay local:  Look to findsomething local?? 

Maybe Street Buskers??  Or search out Morris Dancers:

YES: How about that?  Investigate Some of the English Dance Festivals??  There are Lots more than you might realise!!  And Very Historical.

Put In:

Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancing Princess Royal 3.20

Or: Maybe You wish to just stay at home and enjoy the pleasure of your own garden..

Ok: So sit out in the in sun with maybe a glass of Sangria and enjoy some Music you have Maybeforgotten. From long ago??

Like This:

Put this in:


Wow!! That is a long time ago:  You probably NEVER EVER HEARD him Before.. Yes Theywere a good team.

Want another??

Put in:

Waylon Jennings and Anita Carter ~ No One’s Gonna To  Miss Me~ 2.46

Or do you prefer one of my favourite New guys?

Put in:

Jack Savouretti – Everybody’s Talkin’ (Lockdown Covers) 3.20

And how about That??  He plays his own Piano!! And pretty Good!! Too!

Now: Let’s NOT forget some of those – Older Songs: 
And This was a Song of YouthThat was a sensation, in it’s day.

YES:  It really was a song of the new age of the Young..

Gentle Flower Power People.

Put In:

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie 3.02

Oh I can tell you I adored that song:

And: Another song from that period that was just Sensational was this:
Put in:

Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harem 4.00

But: I was never really sure What it was all about?

And: This is one of the best of the Older days songs.. Great Song


See what (YOU think.)

Put in:

500 Miles – Llewyn Davis 3.24

And then listening to some of the Older Songs.. I remembered this one.. Oh it was GREAT

Put in

“True Love Ways” Buddy Holly 3.08

Such a shame He died So Young..

Just what Other Great Songs He might have given Us???

But then: You might be saying I am getting away from FOLK!!

And YES.. True:

So back to one of the greatest Folk Songs of thatperiod, and THIS was a real Smasher:

Put in:

Peter, Paul & Mary – Early Morning Rain 2.57

They were a “ One of the First GREAT Super Groups.

And indeed Our Own Folk Club was Greatlyinfluenced by Peter, Paul and Mary. Songs.   

And on special occasions the Committee would sing a Peter, Paul and Mary song. 

1960’s truly were GREAT Days.

If you Ask YOU TUBE for a list of 1960 Folk Singers??..  

You will have a list of truly FANTASTIC  ARTISTS that Did Change OUR World.  And there were Many that were not True Folk: But: We Loved Like Gerry and the Pacemakers.. andof course The Beetles.

And from Australia came The Seekers.

Put in:

I’ll Never Find Another You 3.04

Oh They really WERE SOMETHING New and if you turned the radio on THE SEEKERS  might well be What was playing.

Although: In the Folk Cubs I was in..  You did not hear their songs Much!!     You was much more likely to hear a Bob Dylan Song being sung.

Put in:

Blowing In The Wind (Live On TV, March  19632.35

Bob Dylan really was writing Songs that  wereappealing to THE YOUNG. And: Times Really Were a Changing.

Oh Memories.

Till Next time.

Think FOLK