May 8, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 119

                                                                                                                                  It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Nineteen

HI folks;

I was wandering through You Tube’s 1960s Archives: 

and found an article about How the SEEKERS  got started

and had their First NUMBER ONE HIT.  

I found it VERY interesting- Thought You mightfind it interesting How they got started

Put In:

The Story of I’ll Never Find AnotherYou

by The Seekers, 1964-2019 9.59

I was really surprised that the BBC Would Not Play them  

as they did not Have a HIT Song.  At that time.

It was Radio Caroline that made them their first NUMBER ONE. (Britain’s First Commercial Radio)

But that was all a long time ago:  

So I asked YOU TUBE..


And it came up with this:

Put in:

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company [Official Music Video] 4.09

Well What did you think? ​​​​​​​​​

Then I asked YOU TUBE: What is the Best New Folk Song?

And it came-Up with this:

Put in: 

Passenger | Sword From The Stone 3.27

Well Passenger is definitely making a Big Name, and I have featured them before. 

SO YES: I think We will hear more of them.

But Lets see if YOU TUBE thinks there are any Good new Songs?

And it came-up with this:

Pink, Willow  Sage Heart Cover Me in Sunshine (Official Video) 2.36

I don’t really think that was FOLK??  But it was a Great Video.

AND: now How would you like an Irish Street band to Perform for you?

Put in: 

The Bryne Brothers Galway Viral 3.35

Hey this Family really work together ; and look like they are really enjoying  Entertaining the crowd.

And they are Great Dancers as well:

Put this in:

The Bryne Family Harvey’s Point 2015 3.46

What a talented bunch they are; and love performing   for the crowd.

There are More of them If you want to watch some more..

And the One Lad Won


OK: We are in Ireland: So Let’s have an Irish Singer:

Put in:

Traditional Celtic Song Eleanor na run 3.25

And to end this Irish session I have chosen An Irish singer.

who I had the great pleasure in hearing him sing a number of times; and I think He had the ‘best voice of the Irish Singers¨

Put in:

Luke Kelly Raglan Road 4.17

Well after THAT: We just got to have a Lady sing for US:

AH!!  But; so many favourites to choose from..

BUT; I just love this one.. Gorgeous voice singing a song She wrote.. So sad She died so young:

and NO: She’s Not Irish!!.

Put In:

Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12

Oh that is just a gorgeous sound: BUT Everything that Kate Did was Superb.  One of my Top Favourites Lady singers.

And Now for a REAL OLDIE SONG…The Original  was a sensation in it’s day.  It was by the CARTER FAMILY and became Very famous.  

This is a newer version of, ‘ A Blast from the Past’

See how you like this:

Put In:​


Or: Do you prefer this:

Put in:

sandy denny – who knows where the time goes 5.36

Yes: One of the best ever singers who died young.

And: for No reason at all.. my mind just flipped to one of the Very Best Songs Ever written, and this a new recording of this old song:

Put in:

500 Miles – Inside Lleweyn Davis 3.24

So:  How did you rate that?  It is part of a story of song. I rather liked.

And this is new:  see how you like this: 

Time Will Tell by Gregory Alan Isakov3.25

And there is a Duo I quite like I have featured before:

Well sometimes they add extra members to the Group

Put in:

Mandolin Orange “Waltz AboutWhiskey” Official 3.46

Till Next time.

Think FOLK