April 7, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 117

                                                                                                                                                                                                        It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred &Seventeen

HI folks;

Well Brighter Days are here and I think this time I am going to give You something New to start with.

I have found for you a whole Group of Singers:  working together to make Magic.. Just watch HOW they work to take their turn; at the Mike.  Great harmonies.

Put In:  

All Shades of blue – Gregory Allen Isakov with Aoife O’Donovan & Chris Thile | Live From Here 4.14

WOW!!   Yes I like Gregory Allen Isakov..

Let’s have another from him and his boys:

Put in:

Gregory Allen Isakov – San Luis (Official Video) 4.32

Oh I do like this new sort of sound.. The way some of these 

New Guys are bringing Their view of the World to Us.

And: it is SO Different from some of the Old Folk Songs: 

We sang about Drunken Sailors and being a Wild Rover.

In: The Early 60’s FOLK was mainly a Man thing.  

If you ask YOU TUBE to give you English Lady Folk singers of the 60’s…you won’t find many.

It was the Americans.. Who, gave Us Names like: Joan Baez, Judy Collins; Peter,Paul & Mary. Julie Felix. And Joni Mitchell.

Oh Yes Joni!.   She was the Lady Who really made a very big impression in the 60/70’s. So My choice for now is: 

Put In:

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides, Now [Original Studio Version, 1969] 4.30

I Remember When Ian Booked Her to come to the “Jug”.. There were queues down the street,, Lots couldn’t get in. 

Joan Baez was Another Young Lady of those times, was getting well known on the American Protest Scene. 

She: Sang a song that was one of the loveliest Folk Songs of those times.. She is retired now: But listen to her when She was superb:

Put in.

Joan Baez : Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands 11.31

I think this one of the loveliest recording that Joan ever made;

And: this is one of the longest tracks I know.

Yes There was starting to get  More and More Ladies on the Folk Scene.  And: In 1966 Pete Seeger and  Judy Collins performed a song together, a song that Pete Seeger had written. 

Put in:

Pete Seeger and Judy Collin – Turn, Turn, Turn (1966) 3.44

This to Me: is a really Great recording: So Simple, Gentle and perfectly performed: a duet with the Guy that wrote it!!

And We Must remember that it was in the 60’s  that Groups really started to be BIG.

And One American Group THAT Really made it:

Put in:

Peter Paul & Mary – Early Morning Rain (1966) 2,57

Oh Yes:  Really Great Sound.

And then they sang this:

500 Miles – Peter, Paul and Mary [Original Audio]


Yes FOLK WAS Changing!!  AND IS Everchanging.

And with YOU TUBE  We can Mix and Match Old with New:

And as we have been hearing some of the Oldies: Lets hear One of the newer guys:                                                                                             

Put In:

Jack Savoretti  Broken Glass (Live Performance) 3.34.

I Like it. In fact I Like a lot of what Jack is doing.


I still want to hear those Older Folk Songs Weused to Sing.

Oh Yes: The Memories:  

You Tube has saved them for us to hear again: Remember this:

Put In:

Eva Cassidy – Song Bird 3.47

What a gorgeous sound that Lady could make.

Let ‘s have another from Eva:

Put in:

Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold 4.45

That is just gorgeous:  And: Thankyou “Sting” for writing it,

And Thanks Eva for Making Magic!

NOW: How Do I Follow That?

Well; not so many People knew that Ian Campbell not only sang as part of the Group..But He wrote many Very Good Songs.

Not only for The Group.  

He did a whole series of Canal Songs, that was written for a BBC TV Series.

And One He wrote especially  for his Sister Lorna.  

It really is one of the BEST Songs I know: 

And Lorna sings it so beautifully on this Recording.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

And: there is an added bonus..

It has the Magic fiddling of 

Davey Swarbrick.. He was so much part of the early days of THE JUG OF PUNCH.

Perhaps; This did not  sell millions: BUT I really do think this is A VERY SPECIAL Brother and Sister Collaboration. 

One of their VERY BEST.

Put in:

Lorna Campbell it’s over now 4.43.

Dear Lorna:  Thankyou:  

Oh What wonderful Memories I have..

Till Next time.

Think FOLK

And Hope We can All be together  Again Soon.