March 29, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 116

                                                                                                                                        It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred &SIXteen

HI folks;

So: Spring is getting closer: And We have seen the sun smile on us: And there is one Song that is Sunshine:

Put in:

John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders (Official Video From The Wildlife Concert) 5.25

Oh: I feel better after that:  And YES: Let’s have some more

SUNSHINE songs,  And here I have found a real Worzel Gummidge sort of Folk Song…  OhhAhh My Dear!!

Put In:

Somerset’s a land of sun – Henry Buckton (a Somerset Folk Song) 4.03

Well Thank you..  

AHH! Don’t Call Us: I don’t think We will be needing you any more!

And I haven’t heard this guy for a long time:  Wonder if you’ll like this:

Put in:

Till I Can Gain Control Again By Waylon Jennings from his Ol’ Waylon Album 4.10

And Here is a good Old Song that was made famous by Roy Orbison,  But here is the Original version:

Put In:

Dixie Aces California Blue 3.33

Oh Yes: I Liked that version.  And Yes Let’s hear some more from Dixie Aces.

Put in:

de Dixie Aces  – Almost Persuaded 3.10

And Let us have something laid-back gentle to follow that:

Put in:

Merle Haggard  Nobodys  Darling ButMine 3.33

Oh YES I Like this laid back sort of style:

Yes I think Let’s have some more of that style.

And here is a guy  that I have not mentioned much previously:

Put in:

Don Williams – I Believe In You 4.18

Yes: that’s nice and gentle.

And Don had a Big Following.  Yes Let’s have another from him:

Put in:

Don Williams – Lay Down Beside Me 2.55

And Yes: I know it is time to hear a Lady and Here Is one of the best.. and a Great Song:  

And Look WHO She is singing with!!

Put in:

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain, Blue eyes crying in the rain 3.11

Change of Mood: Put on your Dancing Shoes and Dance to this:

Put in:


Oh That was good.  And I know just the thing to follow that with.. Here is a lovely Old songplayed by one of the Best Guitar players.

Put in:

Ry Cooder – Maria Elana 6.25

And lets have a blast from the past and hear a Lady sing:

Put in

Red River Valley – Lyrics – Lynn Anderson 4.20

So Where  will we wander now?  Old or NEW?

And then, I hit on a song I know well..

But have never heard it sung this way: 

Put in;

Dolly Parton  Tom Jones Green Green Grass of Home on Dolly Show 1987/88 (EP 14, Pt5) 4.03

Well that was a different Blast from the Past!!

And now??  Old or New?  Well I think, Let’sstick to Older. 

AND: A LADY Folk Singer; I have not featured for a while is 

Nanci Griffith.  Lady with a Great voice.

Put In;

Nanci Griffith – Across The Great Divide 3.57

I think that is one of the Greatest Songs…Ever!!

and Do you know WHO Wrote it?

YES: It was written by that lovely Lady Who died so Young. 


I think that Kate Wolf was one of the Very Best Folk Writers – As Well as being a Superb Singer!!

Yes: So I really think I it might be good to Finishthis RAYS CHAT with Memories Of KATE WOLF: 

Remember She Wrote this as well as played guitar so superbly!!

And sung it.

So: Put in:

Kate Wolf – Carolina Pines (1985) 2.39

And to follow That: keeping that gorgeous gentle style??

Put In:  

.  And this is really my Top Favourite song of Hers..

Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12

Just Superbly  done

Kate was a super Song writer; as well as singer.

And for her last song: here is one of her Greatest:

Put In:

Pachebo” by Kate Wolf 8.15

Oh What Memories of a lovely Lady ?We should Not Forget.

              Till Next time.