March 16, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 115

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred &Fifteen

HI folks;

It is still  VERY Wintery.. Spring seeming a Long way off..

So let’s Start with something that will help Us think of Brighter Days, Sun days:  

I think THIS might just Do the Trick:

Put in: To; YOU TUBE;  either on your TV Or Computer

Bob Marley-Don’t worry be happy 4.49

Well I hope that helps makes you think of warmer days.

And I think some more of that Sunny Sound: might go down well right now:

Put In:

UB40 – Kingston Town 3,43

Oh That’s better!!  Yes think SPRING: 

THE warmer days are on the way?  Think  Sun.

So: Where Do We Go from here?   Some IRISH FOLK Maybe?!

Well..One of the most Famous Irish Bands was in my mind..

They were Always One of the Very Best.  They had different line-Ups over the years..  

AND: This was When LUKE KELLY was with them:

Put In:

The Dubliners – In The Rare Old Times 5.24.

Then Luke went on with his own Group: And I just loved Luke Singing- He had a Great strong voice – And I don’t think You will ever hear this Old Song, Sung better than the way Luke did it:

Put In:

Luke Kelly Black Velvet Band 4.02

and that Song is a bit of real History for you – 

Oh YES it really DID happen.

NOW; Something Quieter Maybe?:  

And I haven’t played him for a while. He is one of my ALL time Favourite Singers: And this is just Magic!!

He is Finbar Fury:   And here He is singing with Imelda May.. 

just a lovely song.. This will calm things downsomewhat

RELAX Maybe top that glass up!!.. 

AND: enjoy some gentle music.

Put In:

“When You Were Sweet Sixteen” – Finbar Fury and Imelda May  | Late Show | RTE One 4.44

Oh Yes That is a favourite of mine; and I hope that you Like it.

But that was an OLD Folk Song.  

Here is a much newer one:

Put in:

The Young Folk –  When Morning Came 3.50

And Here is something different:  Yes I really Like this.. 

so Gentle.. different  Ok Maybe Not Folk.. But so difficult to place a

song like this:  Well see what You Think?       

Put In:

a-ha – Take On Me (Live FROM MTV Unplugged]


Did YOU like that?   I Loved it.  

Yes OK.. Maybe that wasn’t Folk.  

But this is:  A Lady with a gorgeous voice.

Put in:

Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12

Thanks Kate you could always make me Happy.

Such a shame she died very young.  

She also wrote many Great Songs..

And I have found  some famous Ladies singing one of 

Kates great songs:

Put In:

Nancy Griffiths-Other voices|Other Rooms-Pt4 

– Kate Wolf’s Across the Great Divide 5.28

Yes Kate was a Great loss.  She was one of MT top favourites.  

Never saw Her live though.

Then I found this Lady; New to me.. See what you think?


Sierra Eagleson – Midnight Hour (Official Video) 3.45

Well; That’s calmed things down a bit.  

Yes that’s different:

YES: I likes Her.

I think We will have another song from her.

Put in:

Sierra Eagleson – I See Fire (Ed Sheeran Cover) 5.08

New name to me, and I liked that.. 

NO: not heard that song before.

OK: We have had a lot of the Ladies singing:  

And I can hear Someone saying,  Where is the Folk?

OK:  Folk It Shall be:

Put in:

Folk Alley Sessions: Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band, “Ashokan Farewell” 4.08

Great song.

And here was another song you will wish to remember:

Put in:

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain, Blue eyes crying in the rain 3.11

Well that is a still a pretty good version, don’t you think?

And: We haven’t heard from one of my favourite Ladies.. 

So got to do something about that:

Put in:

Alison Krauss Vince Gill Tryin’ to get over you 4.40

Now: we are near the end of another Rays Chat:  

Time to choose a nice ~Final Song… 

And there is one song that has kept coming back to me…  

I have not played it for a while..  

Yes I think this will be a Gentle Song to end.

Put in:

Amos Lee – Arms Of A Woman (Official Video) 4.14

I look forward to being with you next time:  

Keep  Smiling

Think FOLK.​