March 7, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 114

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FOURteen

HI folks

Let’s start with one of the Great Oldies.  Yes I have found one of the older songs that has been Up-Dated by Pentatonix

Put This In:

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] The Sound of Silence – Pentatonix 4.28

YES: This is a new look at the old song: and I think it is worth listening to!     So Did you GO for that?  YES: I wonder what YOU think?   Did it work for you?  So that was a new look at an Older song..  Now: Lets move to something NEW:

I have found a New Guy to me: QUITE LIKED HIM. See how you like this:

Put in:

James Blunt – Bonfire Heart [Official Video] 3.45

I quite liked it

New Sound.. But I think something More OOHYEA MAN!! is what I need Now. And I just think ~THIS might Do It!!

Put in:

Esperanza Spalding – On the Sunny Side of the Street (live 2016) 4.27


I really do I feel better after that!!

Who’s THAT? Saying it’s NOT Folk..!!  

Well I bet there are a few that are real glad I  put it that in..

BUT Ok..I’ll find you a Song that maybe you’ll go for.  

And I am not sure this is Folk either!! .. But WOW!

Put in:

Travis  Tritt – Anymore (From Live an Kickin’) 4.37…  Well I liked it.

Folk is changing; and there are some really interesting New Guys: I have already talked of James Blunt.  I am really liking some of the things He is doing..  YES: see what YOU think of this:?? 

Put in:

James Blunt – Should I give it All Up (Official 

Video) 3,32

YES: The Times..They trally are a changing.

And Some of these guys are going to be THEguys of the future.

And NOW: for some more gentler stuff. Remember in ~ 

Rays Chat 111. I featured a couple of Lads

Singing and playing a song called: I heard a Bluebird Sing,

They were very young BUT So Good.  

In fact lets listen again to that song:

Put In:

I Heard the Bluebird Sing 2.38

Yes : They were the Zolla Boys.  I like them a lot.

And I thought you  would like to hear another from them;

Put in:

Girl From West Viginia 2.26

They sounded pretty good to me!!

SO: I thought We would see how they are doing now they 

Are sounding now they are more grown-Up in 2020:

Put In:

Age – The Zolla Boys 3.18

Well I think they seem to be doing pretty good.. Yes it will 

be interesting to see Where they go?

And as we are with string instruments: Oh just listen to 

These guys!! OHH!:

Put in:

Del McCoury and Billy Strings. “Can’t You Hear Me

Calling” Grey Fox 2019 3.32

Well That woke you-Up.

Well Yes.. Something Gentle now and I know Just the Lady 

Who will fit the bill nicely:

Put in:

Heidi Talbot – If You Stay 3.00

Oh Heidi that is just so gentle and relaxing.. 

I want to keep this gentle mood.

Put In:

Demi Lee Moore  – Coat of Many Colour3,26

Oh That’s just  so lovely to hear that nice Gentle Guitar.

I like the Gentle Touch, Yes let’s have some more:

Put in:

Suzy Boguss & Kathy Mattea – Teach Your Children

[Live] 2.55

Then Oh What to follow THAT with??  And I heard a Great Old

Song that had a new singer.. and I liked it.. So See what YOU

think of this:

Put In:

Blowin’Im The Wind (Bob Dylan) by Jessica Rhaye 

and Ramshakle Parade 4.02

OH Yes: I really like that new version of theGreat Old song.

Yes I like that.. 

BUT: I Don’t think, anyone will ever beat theOriginal version.. 

Just My favourite:  

Yes let’s hear this real old recording.. I just love it.

Put in:

Ian and Sylvia ~ Four Strong Winds 3.29

So Once again We have ambled Our Way through another lot 

of Memories.  And I leave you with a lovely fairly New song 

from one of the newer singer of songs: 

A Lady Who I just think is always Wonderful to listen to.  

Enjoy THIS:

Put in:

Katie Meluha – Thankyou Stars 3.39

I look forward to being with you next time:  

Keep  Smiling.

Let’s hope that the worst is over: 

and that We can soon be together again                       

Think FOLK.​