February 17, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 113

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Thirteen

HI folks:

This is going to be a bit of OLD AND NEW; I was thinking back to How the 60s Folk Clubs were!!  Sometimes We would have an Irish Night!! And it was always a Great Night..

SO: Just for a while Let’s remember THE OLD DAYS.

Sit in your Favourite Chair: Pour a Pint  and listen to this!! 

Put In:

FUNNY Irish Drinking Songs – Beer, Beer, Beer 2.00

And Maybe this might be the Song you might be singing Next?

Drunken Sailor – Irish Rovers 2.39

And then you just Got To Have

Heritage – “Whiskey in the Jar” 4.16

Oh It’s an Irish Night Guys.. and there’s One Song We just GOT TO Have. And there was one guy  I just loved to hear singing this

Put in:​


Ohh Luke: No One ever sang that song better than You.

And IN THE 60/70’S YOU were just TOPS.. 

AND: Oh How I remember you singing ThiS Irish Rebel Song: WHAT A VOICE!

Put in:

Luke Kelly The Foggy Dew 3.24

And thinking of those great old days; There was another Group that ~Were ~TOP of their game They were the Clancy Brothers, and Tommy Makem.  Let’s hear them sing “Mountain Dew”


The Clancy Brothers Mountain Dew 2.47

WOW!! That was FAST!!

There was another Great Group in that Period that were Great on ~Radio and TV..They were THE SPINNERS.

Ian Campbell used to book them for the “JUG OF PUNCH”… and they would come and do a whole night.!!!  Always a Terrific!! Night.  Here is one of their Folk Songs:

Put in:


Oh YES I have such Memories:  BUT:  All that is History.

We have dipped-in the Past..  NOW it is time to Put the Oldies back on the shelf.

So: Sing Me some Songs of Today!!

Yes: OK

Remember in Chat 112. I had a new guy called Ben Platt for the first time.  I liked him. And Yes let’s hear him again:

Put in:

Ben Platt – In Case You Don’t Live Forever [Official Audio] 3.49

I Like him:  It is a Different Sound.  I like His voice.

Oh Yes I feel sure We will be hearing more of Ben.

BUT: Maybe you are thinking THAT IS NOT FOLK..  Well, These are the new boy sort of sounds.. and I think they are good.. and different.So I will be listening.  And I Think: These New Boys are good:  and Different: Welll Listen to Callum Scott.

Put in:

You Are the Reason 3.24

It’s just a Great Song  and superbly ~Sung.

These New Boys  are good:   and they have HUGE followings in both the pop Wold and are gaining ground in the Folk ~World:

Like this guy:

Put in:

George Ezra – Budapest 3.26

Well it is just a Great Song and George sings it Great.

And strange things are Happening. “Passenger”has Got together with Ed Sheeran and they have  made a New version of an OLD SONG.   Put In:

Passenger And Ed Sheeran  Hearts on Fire 5.31

I didn’t go wild about it Myself.

BUT I Do wonder what You younger guys Think of IT?:

I have no doubt about this one : I DO like Passenger with this:

Put in:

Passenger | The Way that I Love You (Official Video) 2.54

I am liking “Passenger” very much.  

They are doing some good work:  and I will be looking for them.

Yes there are some good new guys that I am liking a lot.

Well you know I think Jack Savoretti is Great:

Let’s look and see what He is doing ?


He has made a new version of an Old Leonard Cohen Song:

I like him singing this… see What YOU Think?

Put in:

Jack Savoretti – So Long Marianne (Leonard Cohen Cover) 6.14

Oh Jack I did like that:  Long time since I heard the Original.

Now Folks I have had ONE Of those MAGIC Moments that happen;  JUST OUT OF THE BLUE… A SONG STARTED!!  I had never Heard this before… and I am completely Bowled Over..

Just a Wonderful simple Song.. SUPERBLY SUNG.

THIS IS A MAGIC FIND for Me.  I am sure YOU will love it.

Put in:

Laurie – Why Cry | Sofar Linz 3.24

WOW!! Just So simply sung!! And his whistling is good too.

I look forward to being with you next time:

We Need Something to be Cheerful About:                       

Think FOLK.​