February 7, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 112

Hi Folks:`

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Twelve

HI folks

Let’s chat about some Young singers:

Well One young choir got to be VERY famous when they ~WON

The Britains Got Talent Competition in2012.. Remember them??

Put In:

Only Boys Aloud – The Welsh Choir.Britains Got Talent 2012

Auditions UK version 6.58

They really were Well deserving of Wining.  They were So Good.

And to follow them: I have a Very different Boys Choir

Put in:

Shosholoza – Drakensberg Boys Choir 2.00

And if you are not sure that is Folk Music?? 

Well I can Tell you that Ian Campbell thought it was!! Because His Group recorded it, one of their Early recordings: 

Put in:

The Ian Campbell Folk Group – Cho Cho Losa 1.05

BUT: That’s a Blast from the Past.  And We are talking of much Newer guys: A little while ago I played a song that has stuck in my mind – from one of the newer guys : Who has a foot in both the Pop World and the Folk World: Yes:  Ed Sheeran . So lets hear that song again:

Put in:

Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Official Music Video) 4.39

Yes Ed is good.  And He has achieved success in Both Pop and Folk Worlds.  And the Music World seems to be moving to a much more Open ~World.

Another ~Young Guy that I have enjoyed hearing is doing GREAT.

Well the Clip I am going to suggest to you had OVER 18 Million Views the day I saw it WHEW!!   

I really like this guy:   He is different!!     

Put in:

Ben Platt – Grow as We Go (Official Video) 4.38

Well: I liked him.. and there is some pretty good Dancing there.

I think We will be seeing Ben Again soon.

YES:  Thank Goodness We have some really Great New Performers..  But: We have a Great bunch of the older guys as well.  We will not forget them.

Put in:

Katie Meuha – Just Like Heaven 3.27

Oh Yes that does it for me.  

I just love the way Katie brings Songs to life.

Oh Lets have another from Katie:

Put in:

Thank you Stars 3,39

Oh Katie That is just Gentle Magic.

And keeping in Gentle Mood:  a little while back I introduced you to 

The Zolla Boys:  And I think that you might like to hear them again?

Put In:

Bloom off the Rose 2.43

I do like these guys, They are so talented: I think We will be hearing More of them, as they grow Older.

In RAYS CHAT 111: I introduced you to THE COX FAMILY.  

And Yes I have found another of their Songs I think you might like.  

It is just a Family singing in Gentle Harmony .. 

But They make a real Nice Gentle Sound: Well I like it.

Put In:

The Cox Family ~ Just When We’re Thinking it’s Over 4.20

YES I like it; nice harmonies.

And I have found Alison Krauss singing with THE COX FAMILY…

I think you might like this:

Put in:

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow 5.06

I Really do like that.. 

I hope they do more together

Yes: I like the older songs;  and I have found and Old ALAN JACKSON Song that  I think You might like??

Put in:

Alan Jackson – Livin’ On Love (Official Music Video) 4.11

So? Where Do We go from Here? 

Well there is an Old Guy that We Haven’t heard from for a while..

And Yes He is still making ‘recordings: Like He is going-on forever;

So Put this in:

Just Bummin Around 3.16

Well..  He is Old; BUT He still has Magic for me. Great Willie!!

And now I have found  Alison Krauss singing with a Man I did not know.. and there is some real nice steel guitar work on this recording:  

Yes I liked it.  See What YOU think:

Put In:

Alison Krauss & John Waite –  Lay Down Beside Me 4.49

Yes I liked it:

And it was like You Tube had taken-over.. as this next Song just came-up. 

YES.. I had Never heard the song or the singers before. It was like You Tube was saying YOU SHOULD HEAR THESE GUYS!!

And Yes: I liked what I was hearing.. Gentle, Caring.. They don’t make ‘em like this any more   SO: Maybe You might like this:

Put in:                    

Amy Grant – Look at Us 3.56   

Oh I can hear You saying AHHH! 

Here We are coming to the end of Another Rays Chat:

And as We Started with a Choir.. 

I think We should let a Choir also finish this chat: 

And here is another Choir:  BUT a very different choir; with some Brilliant singing. This is  a song We ALL Know.. and I must say: I think this is the Best ever version I have ever heard.  Enjoy it:  

So Put in: 

Hallelujah! .It’s Corglanaethwy – Grand Final Britains Got Talent  2015 2.47.

WOW that it just Glorious!!

We Need Something to be Cheerful About: and this is Just WOW!                       

Think FOLK.​