February 3, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 111

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Eleven

Hi folks

We have no idea when the FOLK CLUB will be able to start again?? I’ve Missed You..  

And that sounds like a cue for a song??  


Missed You Bonus Track 2.25

Yes it’s been Oh So Long  since We could enjoy SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB together:  You Were always such Good Company

It would be so good to be back Home again:

I reckon that’s Another Cue for a song.

Put In:

John Denver – Back Home Again (Audio) 4.52

Oh YES: ONE DAY  It will be Good To Be Back Home again.

Sometime in the future..  

Meanwhile Here is a Memory for you:

Put in:

Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind Audio) 2.50

Great song from the 60’s

And Katie Meluha does a Great version if you want to do a search.

But YES You are right: We can’t live in the 60’s.

So WHO will I choose to get Us going on Newer Songs??

Then wandering around YOU TUBE: I came upon a Cheerful song sung by Two Lads.   And I thought:  

I reckon the Folk Club guys will like them.

Put In:

I Heard The Bluebird Sing 2.38

Was I right??  Do you think We should have more of them?

OK: Put in:

Girl from West Virginia 2.26

Yes: I liked them

And this is them a little Older:

Put in:

Age – The Zolla Boys 3.18

Yes: I think We will be hearing MORE of them.

But: Now let’s move on.

I said We would move on from the 60’s!!  

But; I found a Bob Dylan Song I had not heard for OH SO Long being sung by a Young Guy I am really liking..  

I think He is good: So YES       Let’s Hear this:

Put In:

Jack Savoretti – Nobody Cept’ You Bob Dylan)

Cosmopolitan Quartet Sessions OntSofa 3.55

Well there you are one of the Older Songs, being sung by One of the Newer Guys.  And I think it really works.

AND: Then: I found Him  singing another Older Leonard Cohen Song:  I think You might Like this:

Put In:

Jack Savoretti  So Long Marianne (Leonard Cohen Cover) 6.15

And if you liked Jack singing THAT: 

Just listen to this:  I have found a duet from His Italian tour of 2015.

I just love the way these two work together:

Put In:

Jack Savoretti (feat Violetta Zironi) I “Crazy Fool” Live in Italy 3.35

And another Newer find for me Has been Heidi Talbot.                       I do like Her: See how you Like this:  

Put in:

Heidi Talbot – Time 3.52

Thanks Heidi.

Let’s keep to the Gentle Songs, This is a new find for me.. 

and I found I kept playing it: YES It really got me

See how you like this:

Put In:

The Cox Family-Everybody’s Reaching Out For Someone 4.16

And NOW: I need Something Different!!

I think this might Do the Trick:

Put In:

Thank You Stars 3,39

Yes it is Katie Meluha and Oh What a lovely voice She has:  Thankyou Katie and I think I would like another:

Put in:

Katie Meluha – Just Like Heaven 3.27

Well We have had a real mixed bunch so far..  So now  something for the Ladies:

Put in:

Andy Tielman – My Love 3.17

Nice and Relaxing.  Maybe You would like another in this mood?

Put in:

Andy Tielman Indonesia 3.45 

But: Maybe You are saying: That is not Folk!!

And so I asked YOU TUBE: What was Best Folk Song?

Ohh I wonder WHAT YOU would say to that question?

This is what You Tube said:

Put In:

John Denver – Back Home Again (from the Wild Life Concert) 5.04

Well it is a Great Song: and a good recording; I like the audience Join-in

I think Maybe I might choose this:  

Put in:

And I Love You So – Don Mclean (live)4.51

Just a lovely simple recording.. so beautifully done

I wonder What you would choose?         

Till next time Keep Smiling

We Need Something to be Cheerful About:

Think FOLK.