January 15, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Tribute to Julie Felix – Ray’s chat 110

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & TEN.

Hi Folks:

There was a Lady Folk Singer. Who came from America to Britain in the 60’s 70’s; And She stayed here.

And became a very popular singer.

Unfortunately She died in March of last year.  At the Age of  81, After just a short Illness.

I am talking about Julie Felix. 

She had a great voice.  

And until recently was still singing to audiences

YES: She was still performing; until her last short illness.

And, that was a real long life of singing:  

Unfortunately I never got to see/hear her live.

It was about  1964 that She started to get heard on Radio.

And; This is Her 1967 Her recording of Lost Children:

Put in:

Julie Felix – Lost Children – (1967) 2.58

And it was also in 1967 that She made this recording with Manfred Mann:  I had never heard this before (Quite Liked it)

Put in:

Julie Felix & Manfred Mann – Fare Thee Well (Once More with Felix 1967) 2.54

The first recording I Ever heard of Julie was this:

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Julie Felix and Leonard Cohen ‘Hey that’s No Way to Say Goodbye’ 1968 3.05

I thought that they were good together

And then She made a recording that really did hit the High Spots:

It was played on the radio over and over.  

It seemed Julie was singing this all the time.

It was a Great record; and Julie really did sing this so well.. 

Yes it was one of her BEST recordings ever.  

Somehow it really WAS HER SONG.  Superb recording.

Put in:

Julie Felix. if I could el condor pasa UKTV 1970 3.26

It really was HER Song

and She recorded it around a dozen times

Oh YES, That SONG was on the radio a lot.  

I seemed to be hearing El Condor Over and over; and I loved it. 

Oh YES I was a Julie Felix Fan..  

and then She sang a song that got to have a lot of Playing:

Put In:

julie felix – early morning rain 2.56

Then I found a recording that I had never heard before with JULIE Felix singing with Two guys I knew.

Put in:

Martin Carthy  & Dave Swarbrick with Julie Felix : Bykers Hill / Early Morning Rain(1967) 6.36

Oh! YES: Hearing Dave Swarbrick, really does bring back Memories for me: Because the Group Dave was playing with at that time. 


Dave was always Magic to hear play.

And Martin Carthy was a frequent visitor to the Club.

Then there was a plane crash taking immigrant workers back home.. All were killed.. 

And the Newspapers just referred to the as Just DEPORTEES.

Julie sang a song about it: which had a VERY Big reaction.. 

So that it became a very Big  in America: and there was a HUGE  “People” reaction, and the Law was changed,

Put in:

Julie Felix plane crash at los gatos 4.13

It really was a very BIG Song; and was played a lot.

And Julie got a lot of publicity, and became one of the Top Folk Singers of the day.

Julie was heard on the radio frequently in those Early days ,

But it tended, always, to be the same song …  

BUT: I have found Her singing a Song I had Never Heard before: So let’s Hear it!!

Put in:

Julie Felix – Chimes of Freedom  6.02

And then searching I found another recording of Julie singing a song I have never heard Julie sing before, 

ANDnot her usual sort of song..  

BUT a song I knew well and liked: BUT Never Heard Julie sing it.

So I think We will have That next:

Put In:

Julie Felix – Dirty Old Town 3.39

And I really liked that gentle version.  

Yes I think I will be playing that again: Thanks Julie.

This Song was written by Ewan McColl

Who Incidentally Ian Campbell rated as one of the GREATEST Folk Writers ever.

Julie had a wide range of Songs that She sang                                                          over a Very Long period of time.

I will miss you Julie.  And will remember You for some real Great Songs.  One of them being Your version of that Great Joni Mitchell Song:

Put in:

Julie Felix – Both Sides Now 333

Now We are nearing the end of our tribute to Julie Felix.

And really there is only one song to finish with.. 

one She truly DID make it HER SONG.

Put In:  

Julie Felix ~ If I Could  (El Condor Pasa) Stereo 3.48                                                                                                    

      Till next time Keep Smiling

We Need Something to be Cheerful About:Think FOLK.