January 11, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 109

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Nine

Hi Folks. 

So here We are ; hoping times will get better.

And hopes of being able to run the LIVE CLUB Again.

But Not Yet.    In the meantime I keep searching for New Singers.           So What Do You think of these Newer singers:

And to start: This Duo is new to me

I like the Harmonies.. See what you think?

Put in:

DEEP AND WILD – The Sweeplings (Official Music Video) 3.38

Well what did you think??  Different. ?

But not exactly Folk.

And to follow another Gentle song from a Group that I have played before.. Nice sound.. and some clever video scenes:

Maybe: After a hard day!! 

Listen with maybe a hot Toddy; and relax

Put in:​

Hollow Coves – Anew (Official Video) 2.10

I find myself liking the sound these guys make…And they make a good video. although I am not sure They are FOLK?.

They have quite a lot of stuff out there; if you want to hear more.

“Passenger” is another Group that has quite a lot of new stuff out there. And I do like a lot of the work they do.  

See what you think of this?  

Put In:

Passenger| Beautiful Birds (Summer Series 2015) 2.55

Yes: I  do like Passenger, They makes nice sounds:  

And another Duo I am liking a lot.. great Duo, they work hard.

and I do like the sound they make.

Put in:

Mandolin Orange – “Jump Mountain Blues” (Official Video) 3.10

So there you have had a few of the newer songs that are what the younger guys are singing. 

Yes Good New Groups, that are maybe the ones, we will be listening to in  the future 

But for me I still think that some of the older songs are just 

THE GREATEST.. And when I look back at how many years THEY have given me JOY!! I have to say..  We did have GREAT Singers in the earlier days.   Well just listen to this next song.. 

Oh Yes:  One Of the VERY GREATS!!  Put In:

John Denver – Sunshine On My  Shoulders (Official Video from The Wildlife Concert) 5.25

And: Now After that real great Oldie.

I am going to  introduce you to a New young couple singing 

A cover of Lewis Capaldis Song:

Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi(Cover by JunaNJoey  3.03

Yes I Liked Them:  And keeping on New guys; here is a trio

That make a real nice sound.

Put in:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Lindsey Stirling (Green day Cover) 2.35

So There you have had a few of the newer guys. Who will be the ones making the New Sounds in the future.

YES: But let’s get back to Folk.

And it is time We heard from the Lady, Who has recently retired from touring, one of the Greatest Ladies of Folk..

Yes I am talking of Joan Baez:

I was never lucky enough to see  Hear Her live. 

BUT :Joan has been with me for Oh so many years.. 

singing some lovely songs that have been part of my life.

And the Song I have chosen That sort of sums-Up Joan’s  Life

Put In:

Forever Young (Live On Tour /1975) 3.37

But: to appreciate Her voice listen to these earlier recordings:

Put in:

Diamonds And Rust 4.46

Yes Great song:  Oh Yes one of her Greatest

And another earlier one which has Great backing


Wayfaring Stranger (ReMastered) 3.26

I liked this from her Earlier days.

Joan Has been singing for a very long time. She made an Album in 1959.. (Very little Known). and Her Debut Album in 1960 had SILVER DAGGER on it:  One Of Her Greatest Songs

Put In:

Joan Baez – Silver Dagger 2.38

That is just Superb singing..

Then Pete Seeger wrote “Where Have all the Flowers Gone”.. 

And Joan Baez sang it.. and it became THE ANTHEM of the PEACE MOVEMENT:  And Joan became World Famous.

Put in:  

Where Have All The Flowers Gone 3.46

There are very many Songs sung by Joan on YOU TUBE..  

If You Search: You will find Many hours of fantastic memories.. 

Enjoy! Go look and You will find MAGIC there.

I wish Joan lots of Happiness in her retirement.So Grateful Thanks for all the Joy She Has Given Me (US) 

over So many Years: THANKS A MILLION.

And as our last song: 

I asked YOU TUBE for Joan Baez BEST EVER SONG.. 

and this is what it came up with:

500 Miles by Joan Baez.

We will miss you Joan.

Till next time Keep Smiling