January 1, 2021 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 108 – Happy New Year!

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & EIGHT

Hi Folks.

Here We are in a NEW YEAR :  Let’s hope We can see a brighter                                                                                              

Future In these Oh So Difficult Days; 

I thought I would start with a bit of Happiness.  We need it so much.  

And, I thought these innocent kids smiling faces, can help US forget out problems for a moment or two. Well, at least They Made Me smile for a while:

Put in:

We Found Love – Lindsey Stirling (Ven Tribe) 4.26

Yes I hope you liked this this bunch of kids from Kenya:  

Lindsey Stirling Won an American Talent SHOW; 

and I must say I Do like what She did here: 

Let’s hear Lindsey Stirling play some more: 

Put In:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Lindsey Stirling (Green Day Cover) 2.35

Now in these sad times I remembered a song from The 60’s.

A song about Hard times:  Which, sadly, is just as relevant NOW, as when Ralph wrote it.

Ralph McTell was the guy that wrote it and sang it.. 

Remember it??

Put in:

Ralph McTell Streets of London 7.06

Do listen ALL THE WAY to the end.. 

Because Ralph talks about how He came to write this Song. 

Which, I think You will find interesting.

Great Song.

And I think I would like to hear Ralph sing again..  and here he is singing with the RTE Orchestra in 2017:

Singing Another of His Own Songs:

Put in:​

Ralph McTell and the RTE Orchestra – “Clare to here” | THE LATE SHOW | RTE ONE 4.37

Thanks Ralph: Nice to hear you again.

Now we need something Different?! Well see how you like this:

Put in:

“Dragon Fly Lullaby” by Paul Izak and Seed of Love 5.39 

Well!  I said it was Different!!

Then wandering around YOU TUBE I saw a name I knew.. 

A Lady I have always had the greatest regards for. 

And I found this.. 

Just her playing and singing:: No Hype!!.. Just Her…

see what YOU think.

Put in:

Norah Jones – For the Good Times (Live from Home 7/30/20) 4.36

Oh What a talented Lady She is?.. And there are MORE of her  

Just Her.. on her own!!  

and She also plays a real nice guitar.  

OH YES:  Norah is GOOD….   Yes: Let’s have another from her.

Put in:

Norah Jones – That’s The Way The World Goes Round (Live from Home 4.9.20) 2.39

I do think Norah is One of The Best of the Ladies I have played on RAYS CHAT, over the years

And hearing Ralph McTell sing “From Here to Clare” has made me feel I would like some more Irish??

Put In:

Finbar Fury ~ Carrickfergus 4.22

And that is just about the Best Solo version I Know!!

But then, You know I rate Finbar as one of my Favourites.  

AND: There are many other great versions; 

Try this one which has a lovely videos;

Put in:

Carrickfergus – The Most  beautiful Irish Song made by Huggie2Love 6.11

NOW: We need a Gentle Song to follow that: And: We haven’t heard from the Old Guy for a while.. 

I think this will fill that spot just nicely..  This is just such a gentle song; although in fact He really TALKS it.  But: Just Listen!!

Put in:

Willie Nelson~Moment Of Forever ~~3.59

Willie Nelson does seem to get BETTER the Older He gets.

Now WHAT can I follow THAT With?  WELL!:  Remember in RAYS CHAT 103. I found a Guy I had Never heard before; and I really liked him..  Well Here is a lovely gentle Song by that guy.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury~~Angeline~~.wmv 5.15  

Yes I do like him.

Look oh!!: Where time goes?!…

and What a Cue for SONG?  

And?? I am so stuck between TWO Fantastic versions..  Both by Ladies (Neither of the Ladies are still with Us) : Sandy Denny’s version is Gorgeous..  BUT I found that Kate Wolf also sang it..  

Oh?? How Do you Choose?.. BOTH ARE SUPERB.

OK I’ve played  Sandy Dennys  before;  

So: Let’s go for Kate Wolf,s version.

Put in:

Kate Wolf – Who Knows Where the Time Goes (1983) 5.53

Total MAGIC!!  Thanks Kate.  Just Superb

Well we started with bunch of HAPPY KIDS..  and So I think it will be good to finish with another bunch of Happy Kids.

Put in:

Don’t Worry Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin) | Playing for Change   3.59

Let’s Smile with them and Enjoy their Laughter.

Oh How We ALL need Something to be Cheerful About:

Till next time Keep Smiling